How to get control of your money with Donna Connor

Donna Connor

How to Get Control of your Money with Donna Connor

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Jul 26, 2022

In this episode, we continue the conversation about money and finances with financial expert and business coach, Donna Connor. Donna shares her journey of overcoming bankruptcy, and the importance of mindset. In this episode, you will hear three big tips for getting control of your finances. 

Donna has been helping couples get out of debt and pursue their dreams for the past 17 years. She helps people heal their relationship with money and live a life of purpose. 

You can learn more about Donna and her work below. 

Episode Highlights: 

11:52 - How to understand your relationship with money 
21:40 - The importance of a good mindset 
23:37 - How to make working for your goals exciting 

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