Bonnie Fuller

Bonnie Fuller

The Evolution of Celebrity Culture with the CEO of Hollywood Life Bonnie Fuller

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I'm proud of being able to create media for women because I think it's very important that women have voices. And there are not enough women's voices.

Who didn't have a copy of US Weekly in their hand when traveling back in the day? And the lady who largely made that  possible was Bonnie Fuller, the current Editor-in-Cheif and CEO of Hollywood Life, an online celebrity news platform and podcast. Bonnie shares about her extensive experience in the celebrity media space, what we may not know about publications like Hollywood Life, and her proudest accomplishments with the work she's done.  

Episode Highlights

3:55 - The transformation of the magazine industry

10:03 - The beginning of celebrity culture and how it’s changed

20:25 - Bonnie’s proudest moments in her work


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Bonnie’s expansive experience overseeing popular celebrity media publications
  • Evolution of the magazine industry 
  • Success of Hollywood Life
  • Covering women’s issues no one else was covering

More About Bonnie

Bonnie Fuller launched Marie Claire in the United States back in 1994. Then in 1996 she was appointed editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine. After that, she was the Editor of Glamour Magazine. Bonnie also hosts a successful Hollywood Life Podcast, a weekly show that has garnered an average of 500,000 downloads per week.

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