Recognizing Your Worth - Finding the 'Courage to Earn' with Brandi Riley  | Ep. 08

October 27, 2020

In this episode, we chat with writer, thought-leader, mother, community builder and influencer activist, Brandi Riley. She is on a mission to help women realize and ask for their worth. You'll hear how Brandi discovered her own value, developed self-awareness, and set boundaries for herself, professionally and personally.  We'll also talk about Brandi's role as a community leader, activist, and champion for women. 

To find Brandi, visit: 

Courage to Earn: https://couragetoearn.com/
Mama Knows It All: https://mamaknowsitall.com/
Influencer Toolkit: https://influenceractivisttoolkit.com/
Instagram: @BrandiJeter 
Twitter: @brandijeter 

From L'Oreal to Sought After Social Media Master, How Mimi Banks Does It! | Ep. 07

October 20, 2020

Join in on our conversation with Mimi Banks, the Founder & CEO of MB Social.  We talk with Mimi about her career and what led her to where she is today. From NYC to Paris to LA, Mimi is a powerhouse in the world of social media, yet finds the time to devote her  talent and heart to an incredible organization. 

To find Mimi, visit https://www.mimibsocial.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/mimibanks/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimibanks/

Overcoming Obstacles & Thriving as an Entrepreneur with Audrey McClelland | Ep. 06

October 13, 2020

Audrey McClelland joins us to talk about overcoming life's challenges and finding time for family while being a busy businesswoman. Listen as Audrey shares her personal story and how she overcame obstacles to successfully grow her business and provide for her family. Audrey is the founder of MomGenerations.com, in its 11th year, aand the co-founder of Permission to Hustle. She is an expert in social media and well-known digital influencer, consultant and brand ambassador/spokesperson. 

Visit MomGenerations: https://www.momgenerations.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/audreymcclellan/
Permission to Hustle: https://www.permissiontohustle365.com/

Rewriting the Scripts in Your Head with 'We're Not Weighting' | Ep. 05

October 6, 2020

In this episode,  we talk to Tonya Beauchaine, a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach,  and Tracy Vazquez, a Stylist and Body Image Coach. They share their inspiring story about how they are now helping other women to reclaim the inner voice in their heads.  Tonya and Tracy struggled with their weight and body image for many years. The inner voice put them down at every turn. They finally decided it was time to learn how to play a more positive message about their body image and launched We're Not Weighting. This episode is an important conversation about living free from dieting and the scale and how these inspiring women stopped "weighting" and started living. 

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We're Not Weighting: http://werenotweighting.com/
Listen to the Podcast: http://werenotweighting.com/podcast
Instagram: @werenotweighting 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/werenotweighting/

Pursuing Passions & Making a Difference with Denielle Finkelstein | Ep. 04

Sep 29, 2020
In this episode, we talk with Denielle Finkelstein, the Co-Founder and President of TOP: The Organic Project. Denielle shares her story about how she took a leap from a successful corporate career, shifting gears to start a feminine care company with her partner. Tune in as she discusses the process of following her passion to start a business that's truly making a difference for women, girls and for the world. 

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Website: https://toporganicproject.com/
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Finding Your Path to Happiness with Melanie Notkin | Ep. 03

Sep 18, 2020

We are joined in this episode by Melanie Notkin, the founder of SAVVY AUNTIE: A Celebration of Modern Aunthood - a multiplatform lifestyle brand. Melanie is a WSJ bestselling author, speaker, and expert on the emerging demographic of childless, often single, women. Join us as we discuss Melanie's success and the different paths women find to achieve happiness. You'll walk away from this conversation realizing that there is no right or wrong path to realize your success and happiness.

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Success, Growth, and Balance with Ashleigh Evans | Ep. 02

Sep 16, 2020

Ashleigh Evans, the inspiring owner of InBooze, talks with us about following through on an idea, starting a business, and adapting to tough times, all while managing growth and change.  You'll learn about her unique product, InBooze cocktail infusion kits, and how she balances work and family life. 

Check out InBooze Cocktail Infusion Kits: https://inbooze.com/


Balance, Goal Setting & Success with Tabitha Blue | Ep. 01

Sep 14, 2020

Tabitha Blue, author, influencer, entrepreneur and O! The Oprah Magazine Insider. Best known for her content on Fresh Mommy Blog, Tabitha gives tips for success, goal setting and balancing life. Hear Tabitha share how vision boards can help with your motivation and why having fear is important when it comes to your goals.

Visit Tabitha at https://freshmommyblog.com

Trailer: Introducing SheSpeaks: How She Does It

Sep 10, 2020

Learn more about the launch of SheSpeaks: How She Does It, a podcast for women. New episodes coming weekly.