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Stephanie Hanrahan, Labeled & Loved Podcast: Living Beyond Labels & Being Your Authentic Self | Ep. 25

Get ready to be inspired by this week's guest! Stephanie Hanrahan is a writer, speaker, and public figure who achieved viral success after making her private journal public, revealing her true self. Since then, she has not looked back and makes no apologies for sharing her true story. Her journey is that of a wife to a husband with a serious, chronic heart condition, a mother to two beautiful children with autism, and a woman who is here to tell the truth.  Stephanie offers insight into how you can live a life beyond the labels,  how to step outside a comfort zone and reveal the real you.  Stephanie has her own podcast, Labeled & Loved and you can find out more about her on her website, Tinkles in her Pants. IG: @tinklesinherpants. 

Renae Bluitt: Stories of Black Female Entrepreneurs & Netflix Film 'She Did That' | Ep. 24 

In this episode, we sat down with Renae Bluitt, storyteller, entrepreneur, and filmmaker, who serves as an advocate for Black women's representation in media. Renae shares with us the valuable insight and passion behind her first film as Creator and Executive Producer, 'She Did That,' which is currently streaming on Netflix. The film offers an up-close and personal look at Black women entrepreneurs, addresses topics like the funding gap for women of color. Renae is also the voice behind the blog, ‘In Her Shoes,' which features Black women who are leaving their mark on the world and paving the path for generations to come.

You find Renae at renaebluitt.com or IG at @iamrenaebluitt.

Sarah Centrella, Bestselling Author & Master Life Coach on Manifesting the Life You Want with #Futureboards | Ep. 23

In this week’s episode, we talk to Sarah Centrella, the 2x #1 best-selling author of the books; Hustle Believe Receive and #FutureBoards, and a master life coach. You’ll hear how a text message imploded her world and how it inspired Sarah to discover that the life she had always wanted was within her reach. Sarah drops a lot of knowledge & tangible tips in this episode - so grab a pen & paper. Sarah believes that #FutureBoards can literally change your life and gives us some great first steps to get started.

You can catch Sarah on her podcast The Sarah Centrella Show or on Instagram at @SarahCentrella.  Visit SarahCentrella.com for more info! 

Kelly Hoey, Speaker & Author of Build Your Dream Network: Strategies for Building Meaningful Connections & Creating a Supportive Network | Ep. 22

Kelly Hoey, speaker, author of Build Your Dream Network, and podcast host, joins us this week to talk about building a supportive social network. Kelly addresses the frustrations and challenges of social networking. You'll learn what you are doing right and what you might be doing wrong. She offers some executable tips on how to build a network that will 'have your back' and the steps it takes to get there. In these times, having an online, social network can be important, so the skills in this episode apply to any career or industry.

You can find Kelly at https://jkellyhoey.co/ and on social at @jkellyhoey.

Mahisha Dellinger, Star of OWN's Mind Your Business & CEO of CURLS, Talks Success & Paying it Forward | Ep. 21  

In this episode, we sat down with Mahisha Dellinger, the CEO and Founder of the natural hair care line, CURLS, and the host of OWN Network's Mind Your Business with Mahisha. Mahisha shares the story of her own road from poverty to next-level success and what it took to become a pioneer in the natural hair care industry despite a thousand no's. Hear how she has turned her experience into an opportunity to help other Black women and girls in their own entrepreneurial efforts with Black Girls Making Millions Academy. Listen in as we talk about what it takes to reach your goals with grit and perseverance and the power of giving back along the way. You can find Mahisha at @mahisha_dellinger & @curls. or at curls.biz. 

Annaliese Nock, Female Daredevil & America's Got Talent Star, on Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling | Ep. 20 

We sat down with the amazing Annaliese Nock, an 8th generation female daredevil who has appeared on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. She is the daughter of Bello Nock, a Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus Performer, with whom she performs. Annaliese shares insight into the determination, strength, and mindset that it takes to perform death-defying stunts, such as on the Wheel of Death. At just 24 years old, this Guinness World Record holder has challenged the norms in a male-dominated field. She talks with us about breaking through the glass ceiling and her mission to encourage girls to pursue their own daring dreams. You will be inspired by her advice and find her wise beyond her years. You can find Annaliese on all social platforms at @DareDaughter and at DareDaughter.com

Eve Rodsky, Bestselling Author of Fair Play, on Invisible Work & Rebalancing Responsibilities for Women | Ep. 19

Eve Rodsky talks about the invisible work and inequitable balance that women tend to carry inside the home, whether they work outside the home or not.  She shares her inspiration for her book, New York Times BestSeller, Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live), which caught the eye and praise of actress Reese Witherspoon and her company, Hello Sunshine. You will hear about the raw moment Eve realized her own life and work balance needed to change and how she became her own first client. Through truthful, and often funny, stories, Eve shares how Fair Play came to be, why it works and how communication and consistent practice are at the core of changing this societal issue. This conversation will inspire and, perhaps, challenge your own beliefs. Learn more at everodssky.com and on IG at: @everodsky

Actress Kelly Rutherford: From Gossip Girl to Finding Self-Awareness & Overcoming Challenges | Ep. 18 

In this episode, we sat down with actress, mother, advocate and speaker, Kelly Rutherford. You may know Kelly from her roles in Gossip Girl, Generations, Pretty Little Liars, Melrose Place, Dynasty, and many more throughout her long and successful career. We enjoyed a meaningful conversation with Kelly about her accomplishments, advocacy, and overcoming obstacles with grace and fortitude.  She shares her thoughts on love, achieving self-awareness, and will inspire you to reflect on the way you view your own thoughts and feelings.

Follow Kelly on Instagram: @kellyrutherford 

Kelly Rippon, Mother to Adam Rippon, on Raising Champions | Ep. 17

Join us as we sit down with Kelly Rippon about raising champions. She shares her parenting experiences as a single mom, motivational, speaker, and author. Kelly's oldest son, Adam Rippon won the bronze medal for figure skating in the 2018 Winter Olympics. She was often asked how she raised confident and driven children, which inspired her to write her book, Parent Up. Kelly's parenting philosophy is simple, yet inspiring, and you'll hear how she put into practice that a parent has the chance to be the most significant influence in a child's life, how she came about her own self-awareness and the core principles of parenthood, which she believes, has not changed much over time.  You can find more information at KellyRippon.com or on IG at @KRippon. 

Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter: From Baby Jars to Beauty Bars | Ep. 16 

Lisa price turned a passion project she started out of her Brooklyn apartment into the national beauty brand, Carol's Daughter. She launched herself into a new full-time career, far outside her old job in the television industry. In this episode, you'll hear how Lisa credits her mother, Carol, with inspiring and supporting her to start selling her products in the early 90's, leading to a loyal base of customers, which would go onto include Oprah and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Hear as we talk about how a dream born in a kitchen turned into one of the most successful multi-cultural hair and beauty lines in the country.
Follow Lisa on Instagram at @iamlisaprice; Carol's Daughter Website, carolsdaughter.com & on IG at @Carolsdaughter.  

Season 2: New Episode Sneak Peek with Lisa Price 

We return with new episodes next Tuesday, January 5th. Listen in on a sneak peek from our very first episode of the season - a conversation with Lisa Price, CEO & Founder of Carol's daughter, a natural haircare, skincare, and beauty line.

Lisa's story and perspective is inspiring, making this a great episode to kick off the new year..  Be sure to listen in next week. Happy New Year! 

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Wrapping up Season 1: Short Hiatus & Season 2 

We will be taking a short hiatus during the holidays and will return with Season 2 beginning on January 5, 2021. Listen in for a brief update from host, Aliza Freud, as we share our thoughts on the success and takeaways from Season 1. We announce the start of Season 2, where we hope to dive deeper into the stories of real women with inspiring experiences.  

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Erin Gallagher on Rebuilding a Broken System - Pursuing Equality Through Leadership  | Ep. 15

Our guest this episode, Erin Gallagher, is a founding partner of Have Her Back, a consultancy that works with companies to change their culture and tackle equality for all. In early June, social media saw well-intended brand & company messages about #BLM. But six months later, how are leaders tracking on promises they made? What is good intention without actionable change? Erin shares that change can sometimes be lengthy, costly and uncomfortable, but in her own words, we have to walk through it. She is passionate about making the workplace better for women and people of color - but it’s not just talk, she walks the walk. Join us to find out how.  Instagram: @ErinGoGallagher & Visit Have Her Back at: www.haveherback.com/

Cate Luzio on Finding Your Seat at the Table: Empowering Women in Business  | Ep. 14

This week's guest is Cate Luzio, founder and CEO of Luminary. Cate recognized that good mentors helped her excel during her 20 years in financial services, but found that most women lacked that support. This, combined with her passion to invest in talent, inspired her to start Luminary, a collaboration hub for women to develop, network, and connect. Can we change the workplace culture that derails women's success? Is a "piece of the pie" mindset holding us back? How do we collaborate rather than compete? We're talking all this and more on this episode of How She Does It. 

IG: @CateLuzio Website: https://www.luminary-nyc.com/

Dorinda Walker on Championing Change - Forgiveness and Rising Above  | Ep. 13

Our conversation with Dorinda Walker is a must-listen, inspiring story of change. and determination. Dorinda, is the author of the book, "Protected by Purpose," marketer, change agent &  CEO of Cultural Solutions Group. She shares with us her incredible story of resilience, hard work, determination and forgiveness. Rising up from a difficult childhood, Dorinda changed her own life and found a passion for helping others. Learn how you can find your own purpose and the strength to make the choices that serve you.
Website: https://www.dorindawalker.com/ 
IG: @dorindawalker 

Emily Lynn Paulson: A Sobriety Journey - Wine Culture, Honesty & Recovery | Ep. 12

In this episode, Emily Lynn Paulson, writer, Professional Recovery Coach, and founder of Sober Mom Squad, takes us on her sobriety journey. Emily says she was always able to justify her drinking, but after getting a DUI & realizing how much it was affecting her kids, she knew something had to change. She asks hard questions like, "Are your choices serving you?" and challenges others to examine their coping mechanisms. Her candor will surprise you, and her story will inspire you! Join us to find out #HowSheDoesIt.
IG: @highlightrealrecovery
Website: https://www.highlightreallife.com/

Hayley Luckadoo on Getting Back Up: Embracing Failure as Opportunity  | Ep. 11

In this episode, we chatted with Hayley Luckadoo, a multi-passionate motivational speaker, marketing coach, and serial entrepreneur. As the owner of Luckadoo Media Co. and host of the Females on Fire Podcast, she is well-equipped to empower other women to reach their goals. She's living her dreams, but this go-getter will be the first to tell you that she's fallen flat on her face a couple times along the way. After having her wedding canceled and college dreams destroyed in the same week, she was forced to change course and embrace a mindset that changed her life. We all need to get over the fear of failure, and Hayley is going to tell us How She Does It!
Website: https://hayleyluckadoo.com/   Instagram:@hayleyluckadoo

Bottling Happiness: One Woman's Unique Beauty Mission with Veronique Gabai  | Ep. 10

In this episode, we speak with Veronique Gabai, Founder & CEO of the luxury brand, Veronique Gabai, and former President of Vera Wang and Estée Lauder. Veronique talks to us about her childhood on the coast of France, her passions for nature & culture, and her extensive background in beauty. It has all led up to the launch of her lifelong dream: her own fragrance/jewelry/beauty brand. Through her life and career, it seems like she has managed to bottle happiness, help people express their beauty and she's learned a lot along the way. 

Website: https://veroniquegabai.com/   Instagram: @veroniquegabai

Finding Your Purpose: Success & Mentorship with Kim Lawton  | Ep. 09

This week, we talk to Kim Pulzinski-Lawton, Co-Founder/CEO of Enthuse Marketing Group & Foundation and Co-Founder/Chief Possibilities Officer of Inspira Marketing. We hear from Kim how she found her path to success and a passion for marketing. We'll dive into how she's using her experience to support female entrepreneurs through education, mentorship, and financial investment. 

Visit websites:  Enthuse or Inspira Marketing 
Instagram: Enthuse | Enthuse Foundation 
Enthuse on LinkedIn 

Recognizing Your Worth - Finding the 'Courage to Earn' with Brandi Riley  | Ep. 08

In this episode, we chat with writer, thought-leader, mother, community builder, and influencer activist, Brandi Riley. She is on a mission to help women realize and ask for their worth. You'll hear how Brandi discovered her own value, developed self-awareness, and set boundaries for herself, professionally and personally.  We'll also talk about Brandi's role as a community leader, activist, and champion for women. 
Courage to Earn: https://couragetoearn.com/
Mama Knows It All: https://mamaknowsitall.com/ 
Influencer Toolkit: https://influenceractivisttoolkit.com/
Instagram: @BrandiJeter   Twitter: @brandijeter 

From L'Oreal to Sought After Social Media Master, How Mimi Banks Does It! | Ep. 07

Join in on our conversation with Mimi Banks, the Founder & CEO of MB Social.  We talk with Mimi about her career and what led her to where she is today. From NYC to Paris to LA, Mimi is a powerhouse in the world of social media, yet finds the time to devote her  talent and heart to an incredible organization. 

To find Mimi, visit https://www.mimibsocial.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/mimibanks/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimibanks/


Overcoming Obstacles & Thriving as an Entrepreneur with Audrey McClelland | Ep. 06

Audrey McClelland joins us to talk about overcoming life's challenges and finding time for family while being a busy businesswoman. Audrey is the founder of MomGenerations.com, in its 11th year, and the co-founder of Permission to Hustle. She is an expert in social media, a well-known digital influencer, consultant and brand ambassador/spokesperson. 

Visit MomGenerations: https://www.momgenerations.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/audreymcclellan/
Permission to Hustle: https://www.permissiontohustle365.com/

Rewriting the Scripts in Your Head with 'We're Not Weighting' | Ep. 05

In this episode, we talk to Tonya Beauchaine, a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach, and Tracy Vazquez, a Stylist and Body Image Coach. They share their inspiring story, how they are now helping other women to reclaim the inner voice & play a more positive message in their heads. This episode is an important conversation about living free from dieting and the scale and how these inspiring women stopped "weighting" and started living. 
Free Reflection Guide HERE  | We're Not Weighting: http://werenotweighting.com/  Podcast: http://werenotweighting.com/podcast | IG @werenotweighting   

Pursuing Passions & Making a Difference with Denielle Finkelstein | Ep. 04

In this episode, we talk with Denielle Finkelstein, the Co-Founder and President of TOP: The Organic Project. Denielle shares her story about how she took a leap from a successful corporate career, shifting gears to start a feminine care company with her partner. Tune in as she discusses the process of following her passion to start a business that's truly making a difference for women, girls and for the world. 
Website & Shop Now: https://toporganicproject.com/
On Social: Instagram | Facebook

Finding Your Path to Happiness with Melanie Notkin | Ep. 03

We are joined in this episode by Melanie Notkin, the founder of SAVVY AUNTIE: A Celebration of Modern Aunthood - a multiplatform lifestyle brand. Melanie is a WSJ bestselling author, speaker, and expert on the emerging demographic of childless, often single, women. Join us as we discuss Melanie's success and the different paths women find to achieve happiness. You'll walk away from this conversation realizing that there is no right or wrong path to realize your success and happiness.
http://savvyauntie.com  & http://melanienotkin.com

Success, Growth, and Balance with Ashleigh Evans | Ep. 02

Ashleigh Evans, the inspiring owner of InBooze, talks with us about following through on an idea, starting a business, and adapting to tough times, all while managing growth and change.  You'll learn about her unique product, InBooze cocktail infusion kits, and how she balances work and family life. 

Check out InBooze Cocktail Infusion Kits: https://inbooze.com/


Balance, Goal Setting & Success with Tabitha Blue | Ep. 01

Tabitha Blue, author, influencer, entrepreneur and O! The Oprah Magazine Insider. Best known for her content on Fresh Mommy Blog, Tabitha gives tips for success, goal setting and balancing life. Hear Tabitha share how vision boards can help with your motivation and why having fear is important when it comes to your goals.

Visit Tabitha at https://freshmommyblog.com


Trailer: Introducing SheSpeaks: How She Does It with Host, Aliza Freud 

Learn more about the launch of SheSpeaks: How She Does It. Join us for conversations with inspiring women who share their stories, advice, and insights about navigating careers, balancing life, and achieving goals.  Listen as we learn, through the experiences of each guest. 'how she does it.'

New episodes weekly on Tuesdays. 

Learn more about the launch of SheSpeaks: How She Does It, a podcast for women. New episodes coming weekly.