Finding the Healing in Grief with Marisa Renee Lee

Finding the Healing in Grief with Marisa Renee Lee

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In this episode, we talk to the author of Grief is Love Marisa Renee Lee about learning to live with grief after a loss. We discuss the complexity of loss and Marisa gives us her definition of grief. We also talk about why grief has no timeline and how important it can be to shift your perspective on grief as a part of your life after loss. 

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Episode Highlights: 

6:50 - The truth about living with loss
14:00 - How to acknowledge your emotions
22:39 - The importance of giving yourself grace
24:00  - A different look at self-care 

More About Marisa

Marisa Renee Lee is a called-upon advocate, writer, and speaker on coping with grief. In 2008, she lost her mother to breast cancer, in 2019 Marisa and her husband lost a much-wanted pregnancy, and most recently, she lost a young cousin to the COVID-19 pandemic. These losses transformed her life and led her to question what grief really is and what healing truly requires.

As a leading grief advocate, Marisa offers incisive and compassionate advice on managing life after loss with unique insights for women and African American communities. Her first book, Grief Is Love: Living with Loss, was published in April 2022 

As a former appointee in the Obama White House, Marisa previously served as the Deputy Director of Private Sector Engagement, a Senior Advisor on the Domestic Policy Council, and as the Managing Director of the MBK Alliance, the nonprofit born out of President Obama's call to action to address the barriers to success that boys and young men of color disproportionately face in their lives. She also currently serves as CEO of the social impact consulting firm Beacon Advisors, co-founder of the digital platform Supportal, and founder of The Pink Agenda, a national organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness. Source: []

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