Jessica Simpson Mom-Shamed For Dying Daughter's Hair, Critics Question Child's Safety

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 07, 2019

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As kids gear up for a new school year ahead, some parents may be considering allowing their child to express themselves with a less-than conventional hair color. Inspired by Disney characters or perhaps even a cartoon pony, kids are pleading with parents more and more if they can color their hair every color in the rainbow. But one of the questions that may come to many parent’s minds is, is it safe?

Just recently, Jessica Simpson found herself in hot water with critics after posting a photo of her 7 year old daughter straight from the salon with purple and pink dyed ends of her blond hair. Simpson has said that the hair color was an homage to one of her daughter’s favorite Disney’s Descendants character.

While the mom-shaming was in full swing, musician Pink came to Simpson’s defense sharing a photo of her daughter getting her hair dyed a lovely shade of blue. Pink captioned her 8 year old daughter’s photo writing, “I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored. So we thought we'd share what we did yesterday.”

Though critics may have shown their distain for these moms allowing their young daughters to express themselves in this way, it is a legitimate question to ask if hair color is safe for a young child’s hair. According to hair stylist, Carrie Butterworth, just dying the ends like Simpson did with her daughter is actually the best way to go when giving your child a new look with color. Butterworth says, “It isn’t hazardous to the child’s health, really, as the color is only on the ends, not the scalp, and therefore it’s not being potentially absorbed into the bloodstream or skin.” She also gives some bleach-free alternatives that are less damaging like hair chalk, colored pomade and sprays.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s daughter’s new hair style?

Do you think it is okay to let young children express themselves in this way?

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Hisonka by Hisonka | Kyyiv, AL
Jul 19, 2020

Hisonka by Hisonka | Kyyiv, AL
Jul 19, 2020


AimeeG1994 by AimeeG1994 | FEDERAL WAY, WA
Aug 26, 2019

I feel like her daughter should be allowed to freely do what she wants with her mothers approval, if her mother or anyone's mother wants to do something fun or creative for their child no one should have a saying after all, it's their life to do as they please.

Mystearica by Mystearica | NEW SALISBURY, IN
Aug 23, 2019

At the back to school bash before school starts they have hair stylist put colored streaks in the elementary kids hair, no problem. I think it is whatever the parents feel is okay for their child.

AprilKat by AprilKat | Jersey Shore, PA
Aug 11, 2019

Seriously? All of a sudden people are going to mom shame a famous person because their kid wants what every day kids ask for all the time. COME ON! Why do we mom shame like this? Famous or not seriously is this 2019 or not? We live in a world where it is acceptable to say you relate to a freaking robot and have to accept it but heaven forbid you dye the tips of your kid's hair because they want to.