Fired For Facebook Remarks

   By drodriguez  Nov 10, 2010

It’s one thing to complain about your job or your boss to your friends in the privacy of your home, but when you take it to a social networking site like Facebook you are making your opinions public for all to see.  One Connecticut woman found this out the hard way when she was fired from her job after making disparaging remarks about her boss on her personal Facebook page.  Her boss may have been offended, but was this grounds to have her terminated from her job?

The National Labor Relations Board doesn’t think so.  A recent report from CNN discusses the complaint they filed against the Connecticut ambulance service where the woman worked in what could be a precedent-setting case.  The labor board claims that the company illegally fired her and refused to allow her representation through her union after she made several critical remarks about her supervisor on Facebook.  One of the remarks the employee made was comparing her boss to a psychiatric patient. It is also being reported that she used vulgarities regarding her boss in some of the other comments she made.

According to the labor board’s Joanthan Kreisberg the employee was not breaking any rules and should not have been fired.  Kreisberg says, “You are permitted to talk about terms and conditions with employees or anyone else, it’s public because you are protected under the National Labor Act.”  The ambulance service, American Medical Response, being accused of firing the employee denies the reason for firing her was due to her Facebook comments.  Instead, they insist they fired her because of complaints that she was rude to patients.

What do you think of an employee being fired for making critical remarks about her/his employer?

Do you think people should refrain from making complaints about their work public on personal social networking sites?

Fired After Facebook Remarks
Should An Employee Be Fired After Complaining About Her Boss On Facebook?

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LilyLex by LilyLex | New York, NY
Dec 08, 2010

I think she should have been more careful what she was saying. I feel like this was very childish. She should have been way more professional and talked to her co-worker in person if she had a problem.

Mrsestrada by Mrsestrada | buffalo, NY
Dec 06, 2010

Whats the difference between slander online and slander behind someones back, it's both wrong,. Some people are sensitive but I agree you should watch what you say. I don't have co-workers on my Facebook just in case I want to vent but there should be a limit for everything!! We want freedom of speech but want to set limits, can't please everyone.

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Dec 05, 2010

1) don't add / request everybody you met ONCE at the office as your "friend" & 2) change your privacy settings or put some of your so-called "friends" (that you know you only say hi & bye to) on "limited profile" usage. I say that because it sounds like that person in this story was adding or befriending every dang body or had her profile just out there for the world to see.Though i do believe in free speech, no matter online or in real life, I also believe in common sense too ... but then again, that's not so common though.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Nov 30, 2010

Face it! We are in the technological age in which everybody's business is everywhere! And with a few clicks of the mouse one can find out just about anything about anyone. Venting via email or on facebook is out there, but some treat it like a phone call or a personal letter to a friend. How many write letters anymore?!!! Isn't everyone entitled to opinions? Should they get fired over them? Not sure about that. Obviously, there were issues between this woman and her boss. The boss was not big enough to let her vent or to make amends!

AmberM by AmberM | Evans Mills, NY
Nov 22, 2010

I think that everyone has a right to write whatever they want on there facebook as long as they are not threating someone! People can be so lame sometimes! I mean come on really? I would never fire someone over a stupid facebook posting! GROW UP PEOPLE!

yamagirl by yamagirl | POWDER SPGS, GA
Nov 21, 2010

I Believe that some stuff just should not be written no matter what or where. If i have a problem with coworkers, my boss, or even family. I would never put it in writting. Should they get fried? I really don't know.

newyearsknight by newyearsknight | CLIFTON HTS, PA
Nov 18, 2010

I feel as though she was just letting off steam on a social site. It is her right to speak as she wishes. I have to wonder why the employer looked up her facebook to read comments though. Sounds to me as though he was trying to get rid of her from the start and figured he could get away with it now. Freedom of speech gives us the right to say what we want, when we want. It was her facebook, not his, and he was free to post his own comments in retaliation not push his big power around.

CrystalBurgard by CrystalBurgard | N TONAWANDA, NY
Nov 18, 2010

Harsh criticism?? I believe the one who STARTED all the harsh criticism was the EMPLOYEE who posted it in the first place!! HER harsh criticism of her boss got her fired!

deligirl191 by deligirl191 | Fredericktown, PA
Nov 18, 2010

we are not even allowed to say where we work let alone say anything about it

crysrocke by crysrocke | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Nov 17, 2010

With some of the comments being posted I'm glad it's wasn't me. People are rough and ready to hurt others. With all the horrific crimes that other people are doing, I disagree that she should have been fired for such a minute thing. The National Labor Relations Board also agrees with me. I'm sure now with all the attention she'll get a better job and hopefully a more mature and professional boss. Lighten up people and be kind to others. Harsh criticism is a sign of weakness.

Von411 by Von411 | El paso, TX
Nov 16, 2010

now a days you can not post too much information. Some things are just better left unsaid. With todays technology things you have said done, or shown come back to haunt you in more ways than ever. If you ever have a chance and google your name and you will be surprised at what comes up. Now a days future employeers are doing so... So beware....

cchanelle5 by cchanelle5 | mentor, OH
Nov 16, 2010

She needed to be fired. What she did was libelous as far as I'm concerned.

PictureGirl by PictureGirl | FREDERICKSBRG, VA
Nov 15, 2010

I think it was awful careless of her to complain about your employer on a social networking site. The comments you put on sites like facebook stay with you forever!! The company says she was fired because of rude comments to patients. hmmm... I cannot predict whether she did get fired because of comments on facebook or comments to patients but I would venture a guess that it was probably a combination of both. With that said I could hardly blame the company for firing her...

dolney50 by dolney50 | CAPE CHARLES, VA
Nov 15, 2010

Yes, there is freedom of speech but there is also just being ignorant. If you cash your employer's check, you accept their policies and agree to abide by them. If you have a problem with your boss, fellow employees, and/or company, social media is not the place for that. Don't put anything in writing that you don't want to haunt you. No, this person is not a criminal but she acted inappropriately and absolutely warranted being fired. She could have been much smarter about how to deal with the situation(s) and how to vent it.

crysrocke by crysrocke | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Nov 15, 2010

No I don't think she should have been fired, maybe warned. I'm more concerned about her boss who seems to have a lot of time on their hands. It's as if she had it "in" for this person. To go to such lengths on an employee is an invasion of privacy and seems quite scary. Most people don't like their boss and they usually vent to the their friends and family. If someone fired you for talking to your people, you wouldn't think it's fair to you. I think anger is an expression of a person's hostility towards themselves. Always practice fairness and respect. Relax, the woman is not a criminal.