Fall Survey Results

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 11, 2021

The SheSpeaks community is filled with amazing women. Women just like you and I who have their ups and downs and are navigating life, family, work and everything in between!

That's why we are so grateful that so many SheSpeaks members took the opportunity to weigh in our latest Fall Survey in late September.  We learned some interesting things from all of you.  Below are some interesting insights from the study.  Do you agree with these findings? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

"Do you agree with these findings?"

Top Four Emotions

Women are feeling Uncertain and less Hopeful than they were earlier this year- There was a drop in Hopefullness between February and September as you can see in the chart to the left We will be tracking this number closely and sharing insights back with you.

Is the Country Headed in the Right Direction?

Women are also concerned about the direction in which our country is headed. In September, 45% of women told us that they do NOT think our country is headed in the right direction vs. 28% in February. Again, we will continue to keep an eye on this sentiment and share back with you.

What Issues are of Greatest Concern Personally?

Do you agree with these findings? Tell us in the comments below. We want to know what you think!

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tinamyers by tinamyers | YAKIMA, WA
Nov 25, 2021

I totally agree with all of these statement results.

kasie34k by kasie34k | Portland, OR
Nov 24, 2021

Completely agree with all of these. Although I'm not as concerned with Covid as last year..it is still relevant and I do think the economy is tanking..my diversified retirement plan shows this along with the rising cost if gas and food.

Jackiez2018 by Jackiez2018 | North Miami Beach, FL
Nov 18, 2021

Floridagal I completely agree with you. I?m in Flroida too and I see things from the same perspective. maybe 2022 won?t be so terrible but what about 2030. That?s the year that everything will change. If you don?t see all the different agendas playing out now? you will surely notice it by the year 2030. and it?s sad that most of it can?t be really changed, even with polls coming out in our favor.

bert54 by bert54 | HAMDEN, CT
Nov 17, 2021

I think it is so sad that people in our own country are at poverty levels and Vets who have served our country are not taken care of by our gov. I t disgusts me how they will take on 2 million people from other countries before looking after their own. Also how we must be vaccinated and wear masks, which I don't think help all that much and they allow infected disease carriers unchecked into this country. Shame on this Administration. Obviously they do not care about Americans

makysmama by makysmama | houston, TX
Nov 17, 2021

I agree!

KristinM09 by KristinM09 | LYNCHBURG, VA
Nov 15, 2021

I definitely say the country is going in the right direction. Wages are higher and companies are offering great incentives to make careers there more attractive for workers.

suttondancer by suttondancer | CHICAGO, IL
Nov 15, 2021

No, I do not agree. This country is headed in the right direction.

abeautifulwhim by abeautifulwhim | PHOENIX, AZ
Nov 15, 2021

Vaccinations have been required for years to enter the United States and for US Citizens to travel abroad. They have also been required at schools in the United States. I believe the requirements for accepting the vaccine must be far more stringent than they are in order to return to normalcy.

Nov 15, 2021

like all the answers thank for sharing

Thecorpsebride by Thecorpsebride | CUMBERLAND, RI
Nov 15, 2021

It's crazy to see everything put in a graph

jibbjabb19 by jibbjabb19 | SCHERERVILLE, IN
Nov 13, 2021

Health is definitely my number one concern not only for myself, but for my immediate family members too. Serious surgeries have found their way into our lives and we are in the process of a very long, slow healing process for our family members.

RosieRoo by RosieRoo | LUTHERVILLE, MD
Nov 13, 2021

People who say the country is heading in the wrong direction- why? Wages are +$2/hour which people wanted- +wages, -supply +greater demand=+ prices. Yes, inflation up, but that?s one of the reasons that the Rescue plan sent multiple payments, suggesting use what you need, save what you can because coming out of a pandemic is unpredictable. Unemployment is <5%, infrastructure bill has passed to provide clean water, rebuild our roads, bridges, etc. This will also bring more jobs. Also over 200 million vaccine doses have been administered, which will help us end the pandemic. The Dow is up over 5000 points-while the stock market is not a measure of the economy-people?s 401ks, if they are lucky enough to have them, are way up. Many more people are covered by healthcare insurance than before. Sadly, there are people that will criticize every advancement that is made. Progress is slow. Be positive and be kind. Look out for your neighbor.

donna333 by donna333 | NEWBERRY, SC
Nov 13, 2021

I 100% totally agree with these findings! May surprise you but I do feel the same!

thebramble by thebramble | REDONDO BEACH, CA
Nov 13, 2021

I can see how HOPEFUL has gone down .. too much political fighting, hatred, jacked up prices, low inventory of stuff, etc.

floridagal by floridagal | SARASOTA, FL
Nov 13, 2021

I live in Florida and I cannot believe all those fleeing here to live in our state. The cost of new homes in our area went up 7 time from 01/2021 to 07/ 2021. Only the elite can afford to build and the builders cannot even promise what the end price will be. Existing homes get 8 to 10 bids over invoice and are bought sight unseen in one day. Some rents have gone up $500 to $900 per month so renters are scrambling to try to find new places to live. You can blame this on supply channels or you can open your eyes and figure out that something more is amiss in this countryInflation and gas prices are excessive and food prices have outpaced any "bump" in salary. In Tampa the housing has gone up 40%. Did you get a pay increase of 40% this year? How can our children afford this? Yes, I am pessimistic. But I am a realist and everyone I speak to here is noticing this. I think 2022 will be some welcome changes because enough Americans will go to the polls to alleviate this damage.