By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 15, 2023

For the 11th year in a row, SheSpeaks fielded the annual Holiday Shopping Index. Over 1,200 women ages 18-65 from the SheSpeaks community across the U.S. participated in the study.

Overall, women are more optimistic about both their own economic situations as well as that of the overall US economy going into the critical holiday shopping season vs. 2022. However, this is not translating into increased holiday spending. Women reported that their holiday spending would be flat to last year. This is reflected not only in overall spending but also individual category spending like clothing, gift cards, technology, jewelry etc.

Women say the #1 factor (65%) that will determine how much she will spend is her personal/family finances. And those numbers are down 36% year over year.

You would expect women to say their spending will be up this year vs. last year but it is virtually the same. Additionally, when we delved into specific categories, women said their spend would be flat year over year in EVERY category. ALIZA FREUD, CEO SHESPEAKS

What’s on Women’s Minds?

  • The Upcoming Presidential Election: 44% of women say that they have already decided who they will vote for in 2024 presidential election. 56% are undecided
  • Instability Outside of the US: Beyond their Health (58%) and Time with their Family (49%) women have the rest of the world on their mind. 40% of women say that what they are thinking of most going into the holiday season is a desire for Peace Around the World.

Key Takeaways from the Survey

  1. Women are more optimistic about the economy as well as their personal/family finances this holiday season vs. 2022.
    • 42% of women say that they are very/somewhat comfortable about their personal finances, a 25% increase vs. 2022
    • 47% of women believe that the US economy is improving/holding steady. A 39% increase over 2022. In fact, there is a 20% drop YOY in the percentage of women who believe that the economy is declining.
  2. Although women are more optimistic about the economy and their own personal finances, this is not translating into increased holiday spending. Women plan to spend the same this year as they did last year during the holiday season despite their assessment of improvement on their personal finances and the economy.
    • Will Spend More this Holiday Season: 11%
    • Will Spend The Same: 48%
    • Will Spend Less: 41%
  3.  Women are feeling more Grateful this year. The same top 3 emotions this holiday season as they last year however, “Grateful” has replaced “Hopeful” as the #1 emotion.
    • #1 Grateful- 47% (Up 15% YOY)
    • #2 Hopeful- 39% (flat YOY)
    • #3 Overwhelmed- 38% (flat YOY)
  4.  Amazon reigns supreme with Walmart & Local Retailers tying for 2nd. Women are planning to be back in store vs. buying all online – there was a 20% drop in people saying they will purchase all online.
    • Amazon is the big winner this year as the #1 retailer with 95% of women reporting that they will shop here for the holiday season.
    • Tying for #2 are Walmart and Local Retailers with 84% women reporting that they will shop here for the holiday season.

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kuchick by kuchick | Abilene, KS
Dec 30, 2023

wow can not believe nearly 47% of people think the economy is holding steady or increasing - who buys their groceries? I am trying to feed a family of 6 and my grocery bill is at least TWICE what it was last year.... Would love to know they median income of the people polled because us lower middle class are NOT doing well.

saleago by saleago | Horseheads, NY
Dec 23, 2023


Kimfluencer_Netherlands by Kimfluencer_Netherlands | Voorburg, OU
Dec 23, 2023

Are there plans to expand to Europe? I live in the Netherlands and would love to try some new things. For me it's kinda boring because it's all US.

justagirlfromtx by justagirlfromtx | Shelbyville , TX
Dec 20, 2023

It?s interesting that 42% of the women polled believe the economy is improving, while a clear 40% intend to spend less this year on the holidays. Clearly there are a number of us who are concerned on both a personal financial and economical front. The cost of living continues to increase and the wages stay the same.