Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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Couldn't make the well known green chili here in Southern Colorado the same with out it! It's a staple in my kitchen and we of course always have to have it when the kids want Grammies cheese dip! Love it! I'm not fond of large chunks of tomatoes and sometimes have to dice them myself when they are canned (even the petite ones) and I have never had to do that with Rotel!

Great product for making dips and casseroles with! So easy and tasty! My favorite dish to make with this is super bowl dip!

I always have Ro-tel on hand. We love to make the cheese dip and I always use this in my chili.

I love putting these on nachos! They add a lot of flavor.

Love these in my chili beans that I fix! The green chiles give just the right touch and spice for the chili beans. Highly recommend these for vegetable beef soup, chili beans, tacos, spaghetti, etc.

I use Rotel for many recipes. It's great to add into a crock pot with some tace seasoning and chicken breasts. Make a super yummy, shredded chicken filling for tacos, salads, etc.

I use this for everything. Stew, Spaghetti, chip dips ...etc. love it.

My husband makes homemade salsa with this. Add some chopped onion, jalapeno and cilantro, and it's the perfect salsa for watching football and golf. Yum!

A staple in more dishes I can count. Not just for Mexican, flavor of original is the best.

Very filling and tastes like homemade. I buy it all the time for my family, great with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Easiest way to make dip is with Rotel. I love the dip. I haven't tried Rotel with any other recipes. Every time I see this it makes me crave the dip.

Love this, we use it all the time, when making mexican food, , we keep this stocked in our house.

Rotel is absolutely great for adding flavor to anything. You can add it to Velveeta and make a queso dip. You can also add it to your burritos, into rice dishes, and just about anything that needs a little kick to it!

You can put a twist on any recipe. I've used it on fish,chicken,and shrimp gumbo. My kids love it in my sweet no bean chilly.

This is great especially when u add some velvetta cheese and make it into a dip for some nachos!!