Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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I wanted to like this so much but i found it to have too many of the parts of the tomato that I get rid of when I use fresh ones. The yucky center part and the stem bits.

Great to add flavor to recipes when it calls for canned tomatoes, but personal I find it just a tad too spicy.

Great for nachos and for a spicier arroz con pollo. Wish they had a milder version since not all in the family like it with that kick.

Like rotel. Can use for lots of different things. However my store offers a generic brands that is just as good and $.50 cheaper. Not trying to pinch pennies rotel is great.

Cheap Awesome to throw in some cheap Velveeta cheese to make your own queso. However, I wouldn't use this for much else. These are very cheap and smooshed inside these little cans. They have a lot of spice, but I wouldn't say flavor as they are canned and not at peak freshness when done so.

Make salsa and dips real easy. Good for when you don't have time to cut veggies.

I add this to my tamale pie recipe. It taste great but I've found that some store brands are cheaper and taste the same.

These are a staple in my house because we mix it with Velveeta for a cheesy dip with tortilla chips. Rotel has the perfect balance of flavor and spice.

Almost too spicy for me but adds a nice kick to stewed dishes like okra or chicken.

My kids and all in the office always bring this to pot lucks. It is easy to use with hamburger and cheese. Goes far too.

This is a great product! I always add it to my ground beef when I make tacos because it just gives a little extra kick! Bonus - it is Friday, taco night!!

I've tried several favors of Rotel and I have not been disappointed yet. I have everything from queso to fish tacos and Rotel always adds great flavor.

like to make dip w this

I love using these when putting together a quick dip for football Sunday. Mix with velveeta and a bit of your favorite salsa, serve with chips. Delicious and easy.

I love this product! It is a great thing to have on hand for a quick queso sauce for entertaining or adding some zip to chilli.