Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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Lots of uses Use it a lot. Like it in chili recipes. Chilis aren't overly noticeable.

Ro-tel to make the best cheese dip. My mother introduced me to this product when it was first available in Texas. Always in my pantry and I mainly make a cheese dip with Velvetta and Ro-Tel. The dip will freeze. A variety of uses for this product.

Easy and delicious! Rotel makes it so easy to add flavor to dishes, without a lot of effort! I always have the Original and Hot in my pantry.

Great addition! Making chili, enchiladas, salsa..? Anything with canned tomatoes these add an extra punch of flavor.

SO GOOD This is so good in not only queso, but also a good substitute for diced tomatoes in recipes. I honestly prefer this over diced tomatoes, even though they're very similar.

My go to for... ...everything! Any recipe that calls for diced tomatoes I use Rotel instead. It's a must have for Chili and some soups. Have been using for many, many years! I buy at Costco in the multi pack, and it is a great price and a pantry staple.

Perfect for queso This is a classic mix to add to cheese for crock pot queso.

Great Taste Love this! I use it in chicken dishes, dips or chili. It adds extra flavor to anything you put it in

The best can of tomatoes. Put this in everything, eggs, chili, tacos, soup, mix it with Velveeta and make a nacho dip.

Made for chili!!! I love adding this to my chili to give it that extra zing.

Delicious I love using Rotel in my Rotel dips. It's great for snacks or parties. I love adding melted cheese to mines. It's so delicious

best stuff ever I use this product to make homemade salsa turns out great.

Add a spicy note My family loves the spicy Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes With Green Chilies. It has a little heat. I add it to spaghetti sauce.

Cannot get enougj There has never been such a great product on the market as diverse as Rotella. The foods and recipes this can be used in are endless.

Great product. This is really a great product. We use it in all sorts of casseroles, enchiladas and soup.