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Huggies Diapers

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They were OK for my daughter from sizes 2-3, but now she is in 4s and leaking constantly and have blow outs all the way up her back. I am trying to finish the box I have so my money doesn't go to waste and I actually had to change her sheets and everything again this morning because there was poop ALL over the place.

Huggies is our diaper of choice if going with a brand name. We usually do the snug and dry and they work great for our daughter. She's 15 months and in a size 6 and 25lbs ,because the 5's have gotten wee too short for her. The fit is perfect and I haven't had a blow out since she was close to a newborn. They absorb moisture great especially through the night. They stay on very well and don't have a slipping off problem for me. They do not rub her thighs raw as well!

I absolutely love Huggies! I love the stripe on the bottom of the diaper that changes colors when the diaper is wet. There were no leaks with this diaper.

I have tried every diaper out there. Huggies is the way to go, hands down. From a teenager babysitting and using Huggies, to now, with my second child, Huggies stands the test of time and quality!

Ok diapers, I had more leaks than with other brands. The price makes sure I will not go back to them. I tried store brands that could really hold there own against Huggies & at HALF the price. For those new moms, Try a few brands before you declare your loyalty to a brand with false promises and outrages prices.

These are the only brand of diapers my kids were able to wear! Love the way they are able to hold up !

I was never a big fan of Huggies with my two children. They would either leak from the sides or just wouldn't absorb very well. I prefer Pampers or Target brand diapers to Huggies!

My granddaughter struggled for months with break outs and diaper rash. I had been telling her mother to change to huggies for months. Finally she listened to me and it all went away and smelled better.

i was less than pleased with huggies, i felt that every time my son wore these he peed out of them and or they would rip when changing him, iv had packages that had diapers with no sticky tabs and the dealer would not take them back or refund them, we emailed huggies and never received a response so we are for sure a pampers family!!

These are the only brand of diapers my kids were able to wear! Love the way they are able to hold up ! No other brand can compare!!! Thank you Huggies!!!

Aside from Kirkland's, I think Huggies are the best quality, but they are so damn expensive.

I use huggies for my 6 month old daughter has never had a leak with this brand

Huggies is my favorite brand of disposable, not just because of the fit, but also because of the quality of materials. When you take them out of the box, you can really feel that they are well-made from the thickness and the softness of the actual diaper. My kids rarely have leaks when they use these, and if they do, it's usually because I forgot to pull the legs out properly or left the back of the diaper curled down in my rush.

Huggies next to Pampers are the best ever out there. I will not use anything else if its not Huggies or Pampers for my babies. Great quality brand and never expensive. :)

Loves the Huggies brand of diapers. They do exactly what they are supposed to, and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your own personal circumstances. I think that Huggies is one of the leading brands when it comes to diapers, right up there with Pampers.