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Huggies Diapers

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I love this product. I have tried other diapers (Luvs, Pampers, Parent's Choice). But the kind that has given me the best results is Huggies. It has cute designs and fits my son just right (it's rounded not square) like a baby-not a brick. Huggies has great absorbancy and doesn't give my baby a rash from irritation. Huggies also has a pocket to prevent any leakage.

I love Huggies. I have two children and have used them for both with no problems at all. I buy the Supreme (red box) though. Perhaps that is the difference? I have tried Pampers (was given a box at my first baby shower) but was really turned off by the mesh like cover on the inside and the overpoweriing baby-powder smell they spray them down with. The scent alone is enough to make me dislike them, plus when the babies have a BM the mesh lining sticks to their skin, unlike Huggies which I've always found do a better job at containing messes and keeping little bottoms dry. Since both diapers are shaped differently, perhaps some babies 'fit' Pampers better than Huggies and vice versa? The new organic Huggies are amazing too . . . very, very soft and comfy!

i would have to also disagree i prefer huggies to any brand my daughters diapers never leak.

only kund i use these are name brand here

I LOVE Huggies. Work great for both my babies. Pampers leaves that residue on them overnight.

I love them! They are the only ones that don't leak for my son.

I used Huggies for my daughter until she was around 8 months old then switched to Target brand. We never had issues with blowouts or leaks with Huggies. My friends with little boys all use Pampers and I received quite a few boxes of them at my shower. When we tried the Pampers they leaked everywhere and we experienced lots of blowouts. I always recommend Target Brand or Huggies.

I love huggies! I have never had a problem with them leaking and other brands gave my baby a rash but not huggies.

love them!

I love Huggies! It is the only brand we use for my grandson! Haven't had a leak yet & love the velcro, they are so easy to use & change him

Love Huggies! The only diaper that doesn't my daughter diaper rash and she doesn't leak at all. Unlike pampers which always gives her rashes and smells so strongly of chemicals. $42 for 258 at Costco!

I love Huggies for my daughter. I also use store brands, but Huggies are the only ones we use for long drives/shopping. They rarely leak and when she has diaper rash, they are the only ones that seem to help her butt heal. I really don't like Pampers, they get so bulky and squishy.

/I love the Huggies brand diapers. They keep my baby nice and dry and she has never had diaper rash. They fit great and I never have to worry about gaps in the fit or leaks. These are definitely the most comfortable diapers for my baby.

Love them. Wouldn't change them for another brand. Always pleased to know that they are gentle on my babies bottom.

I love the Huggies brand diapers. They fit my grand-daughter and never leaks through.