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Huggies Diapers

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These diapers are horrible. They fit awkwardly and thru normal playing they almost always come undone. Ive tried all the different brands and Ive tried Huggies several times and Huggies has always disappointed me. I would choose any brand over Huggies if I could. Most of the store brands are better than Huggies and they're cheaper.

my daughter would wake up soaking wet every morning through her diaper with huggies. switched to pampers and would never use huggies again. plus pampers has the pampers points as a perk.

I work in a day care and have 3 of my own kids. Huggies are my least fav. brand of "big name" diapers. They feel like paper to me.

Crap. Complete crap. I only used Huggies with my eldest daughter but it seems like their quality and steeply declined over the last 5 years. They dont hold anything. I had my daughter sitting on my knee and she peed in them, and you could visibly see the pee running down her and my legs. It was awful.

prefer LUVS

Gave my daughter a rash. Tired a few more times to see if it was just a fluke and once again she got a rash.

Never cared for Huggies. Recieved them at my babyshower and had so many leaks it was ridiculous. So I never bothered purchasing them. But i have relatives who did pay for them and were just as disappointed. Gave it 1 star because i had to. In my opinion 0stars would've got my vote!!

These diapers leak so easily. At first I though I was not putting them on my little one correctly but the leaked every time. I gave a huge box away. no use to use and probably who ever we gave them to

i was less than pleased with huggies, i felt that every time my son wore these he peed out of them and or they would rip when changing him, iv had packages that had diapers with no sticky tabs and the dealer would not take them back or refund them, we emailed huggies and never received a response so we are for sure a pampers family!!

They were OK for my daughter from sizes 2-3, but now she is in 4s and leaking constantly and have blow outs all the way up her back. I am trying to finish the box I have so my money doesn't go to waste and I actually had to change her sheets and everything again this morning because there was poop ALL over the place.

I will never buy these diapers again they don't absorb anything I had leaks every time I put them on my son even though they are the most expensive.

The tabs didnt stick nearly as well as pampers. They weren't very soft either. I wouldn't recommend them.

Leak, fit is not good, and my child get too many rashes from them. Nothing compares to Pampers!

I have used these and I tried I really did but they were way to pricey and my son always peed out of them when he was little. Not to mention they really are just out of price range

huggies products have always irritated my daughter's sweet cheeks. When discussing it at Dr, he said this is common :( We had no issues with the other well known brand.