Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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I am very pleased with this cold water tide.My clothes came out cleaner and fresher smelling.I am so surprised how clean it got my whites. I am loving it

I was very happy with it's performance in my HE machine. Clothes are fresh and soft and smell good! And, it took out blood in a bathmat where my beagle did the very gross act of chewing up a used maxi pad.

Worked great. I washed a few items I would normally wash in hot and warm and they came out great. Would recommend and would buy again.

i was almost everything in cold water, except whites and towels. i first tried tid coldwater on everything that i normally was in cold water and everything came out perfect. the fresh scent also stayed with the clothing during the entire time they were worn. i then tried tide coldwater on the whites and towels and those items came out perfectly clean and fresh. another plus: i only used about 1/2 of the recomended amount called for in my high effeciancy washer and the results were perfect.

I really loved using TIde Coldwater. It got the stains out, really made my clothes soft and fresh, and helps to save energy! I think it is a win-win! PLus it got out a stain after I had try washing with another brand!

I really liked Tide Coldwater. It really impressed me how well it cleaned stains. Stains that I really doubted that would come out. Liked the clean smell. I like the idea that I am being earth friendly and green by conserving energy by washing my laundry in cold water.

I love this product. It works well on everything from jeans to white underwear. I usually use cold water in my laundry, but Tide coldwater was more effective in getting the wash clean.

This is such a very good product! I am so impressed by everything about it . I have a large top loader and have always used a full cap but i find with the Tide Coldwater I use only about half a cap and it does the same as the full cap,leaves clothes clean and fresh smelling. My kids have noticed the smell too its just so fresh and clean . As a mom to 5 kids with 3 still at home we do quite a bit of laundry and to be able to have the same effect with Tide Coldwater with all our laundry done in cold water and even a double bonus to be able to use less we as a family are sold on this product and will be using it all the time. Thanks Tide!!

I always use cold water to wash clothes and have found the results less than perfect. However, I bought Tide cold water and I was amazed that everything came out clean and fresh. I really didn't expect it to work but it did !!! :)

I really liked Tide Coldwater. I usually use cold water in doing my laundry but I really liked how my clothes came out washed and came out smelling great. I would totally recommend to friends and family!

With two babies at home, I do 2-3 loads of laundry a day. And, now thanks to Tide Coldwater, I can switch to washing on the cold water setting and save $$, while getting my family's clothes cleaner and smelling fresher.

Loved it! I love the idea of saving $$ on energy and still washing our clothes. Our clothing still came as clean! Definetly will recommend!!

I was surprised to see Tide Coldwater can wash both whites and colors in laundry equally very well in cold water. It gets pretty much most of the stains out if not all and it does leave a great smell to the clothes too. I do notice that the whites seem whiter and the clothes with bright colors seem even brighter. Would definitely buy this product and recommend it to others as it does save on energy when washing in cold water too.

Sorry that this is late my computer is broken & I need a new hard drive, so I am borrowing this one to contact you. I used the Tide coldwater on all my laundry whites & darks. It got out the georgia red clay stains that my son gets when he plays baseball never happened before. All the laundry looks so clean I can't believe that I used coldwater, you have a convert.

I've been using the HE version of Tide ColdWater all week. It's great, just got out blood stain on a white shirt, just like magic. I will continue to use this great product.