Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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cleans well but dont like scent it leaves on my clothes. everyone else says it smells good on their clothes but every load i did using it smelt bad. my clothes smelled musky.

Makes my family have breakouts

They use white they could use bleachi On your commercial show something dark colored not white all you got to use is a little bit of bleach doesn't prove twisting the tide cold will resolve all the stains use something dark like black if you use bleach it'll show

I've tried the new Tide Coldwater Detergent and I ended up allergic to it.

I was not really impressed. It did smell nice but I wouldn't personally recommend it unless using for a delicate cold water wash. I didn't. get good results. In addition it left a film on the clothing sometimes...even after an extra rinse. I also had a difficult time getting the cap open. I think I also had a skin reaction to it. I am glad I received it at no charge...I wouldn't buy it.

Sorry, just wasn't for me. Didn't like the smell of the Tide Cold water detergent and had to add more than the amount on the cap.

i love tide but i only buy it with coupons and on sale because it is ridiculously high.. it cleans my clothes and smells great

the clothes smell great but the clean was not as good as I had hoped BUT it was cold hard water... its not what I expected.. and I have a front leader so not sure if its HE.. to sum up the smell is great the cleaning is average

I am rather ambivalent about Tide Coldwater. It worked fine, but I don't know that it's necessarily better than the cheaper brand I use. The smell was also pretty strong for me. Maybe I'd consider an unscented bottle.

I've been washing the majority of my laundry in cold water for years, but have never used Tide. So far, I'd have to say that it works as well as my usual laundry detergent, but I haven't really put it to the test. I'll try it again during baseball/softball season and see if that stubborn infield dirt washes out.

Tide Coldwater is very good. I had a jacket with a stain from spinach greens on it and it took it out nicely.

It worked just fine, but I didn't notice anything different from any other detergent I have tried. I have been trying different detergents for the last year to save money and they all seem to do the same thing. None of them take out set in stains.

I tried this on my son's white socks using cold water, and they came out the same as before cleaning. However I think it's amazing that it can do the same job as other detergents without using warm water. I like the sent.

I found that this was an "ok" product. I had some fresh stains (as I always do with a toddler in the house) that it didn't get out. I reran the load with a different detergent with hot water and it got it out. I would say this is good for sheets, curtains and work clothes. For tough stains, nothing works better for me than regular Tide or ALL on the hot/cold cycle. Sorry :( I really wanted to give it 5 stars, but I must be honest, in all fairness.

I really like the smell of the product and it cleaned my clothes well. I tend to almost always use cold water anyways, so using this is really no different than other detergents. But they do a good job of advertising it is cost effective, because it is when you use cold water.