Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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Tide Coldwater works wonderfully on all my laundry - and smells great. It makes it easier to wash all my clothes in cold water - there's less chance that any colors will run and I'm doing my part to save energy!

I am in love! Tide Coldwater works great. I know I will be saving lots on my electric bill now. I no longer need warm or hot water to do laundry. This product works will all colors. I am so thankful I tried Tide Cold Water!

I am very impressed with Tide Coldwater. I washed everything from whites to dark colors and it worked the same for all loads.It even cleaned denim work pants that were stained with ground in dirt with no problems. I like the fact that it works so well in coldwater, as I am always looking for ways to save energy.

I have used this product for a while now, and I have to say it is awesome! I can throw everything in the wash together and have no color leaking, or having to worry about my clothes shrinking (hey, I rhyme!) Def would recommend to other busy moms like me!

I used it on my lingerie and it left my bras looking and smelling so fresh and clean! I normally use Woolite but I thought Tide made it smell much fresher, they retained their shape and everything. I was impressed!

I have been washing in cold water a long time. The detergent does not always dissolve, glad to have a Tide COLDWATER just for cold water use. since that is what I use all the time! I see there is a powder available also for coldwater. That is great. Normal detergents do not dissolve in coldwater all the time, so this is perfect for cold water use for people that like powder detergents. thank you!

I am having a love affair with my bottle of Tide Coldwater. I have always used a cold rinse and this product amplifies not only my savings but preserves the quality of my clothes! Hot water is way too harsh on bright colors and makes them fade! I also like this product for hand washables because it tends toward gentle in smell and performance...this saves me money on Woolite for Darks which I always use on..well unmentionables! :) I think this product meets all expectations and it is my hope that it will stay around a long time! it's a winner!

I really love this product too. I am amazed at how clothes can get so clean with cold water. I did my laundry on Monday and the whole room smelled so wonderful. The scent used in this Tide product is in my clothes which I love. I like how my clothes look just as good as if it was washed in warm/hot temperature especially my white. They were actually white and clean! This is a product that I will buy for sure. The biggest thing that I like is that it will help me to save on my water bill.

I received Tide Coldwater to try out so on my regular laundry day I used the detergent. I was surprised that it did as well in cold water as in warm or hot. I also liked the scent of the detergent and the clothes felt and smelled clean. I will be using and buying Tide Coldwater in the future.

i received the product over the weekend and i used it on two loads of whites and one load of darks so far. What i noticed is that my whites are very clean. i had some stains and i poured a little on the stain rubbed it in and washed the clothes and the stain came right out. the dark clothes are clean as well. thank you for allowing me to use the great product

hi tide cold water is a great product and my clothes came out pretty good onsiderating washing in cold water i would reccomend tide anyone who has doubts about its good so try it!

I was very happy with the Tide Coldwater. I used it on all of our laundry, from lights to darks, delicates to pretty heavies, and it worked beautifully on everything. I would definitely buy and use this product!

Love that I dont have to hear the hot water heater going to do laundry !

i used this product for 3 loads of laundry so far and i love it

Love it! I'm always suspect when a detergent promises to wash well in cold water (remember all tempera-CHEER?!) but Tide Coldwater really does the job. I put my dingy whites in and it noticeably cleaned and freshened them. My white bedspread that the dog sleeps on was crisp and clean after a wash with it. The fragrance alone is beautiful (my son said it makes him feel 'nostalgic' because our old neighbors used to use it) and fills the house. Nothing like pulling on a shirt that you know is clean and smells great or getting into bed at night with fresh-smelling sheets and blankets. I do believe I'll skip on the cheap-but-decent laundry detergents from now on and invest in Tide Coldwater.