Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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I think tide is a great product and works great leaving the clothes smelling good, however the price is a bit to much for me and I would rather use a comparable product that is cheaper.

I love tide for myself but it breaks my kids out in a rash.

I wash with cold water 95% of the time, so it was great to try this product. However, I didn't see a big difference from using regular soap to the cold.

I've tried the new Tide Coldwater Detergent and I ended up allergic to it.

I was not really impressed. It did smell nice but I wouldn't personally recommend it unless using for a delicate cold water wash. I didn't. get good results. In addition it left a film on the clothing sometimes...even after an extra rinse. I also had a difficult time getting the cap open. I think I also had a skin reaction to it. I am glad I received it at no charge...I wouldn't buy it.

Sorry, just wasn't for me. Didn't like the smell of the Tide Cold water detergent and had to add more than the amount on the cap.

cleans well but dont like scent it leaves on my clothes. everyone else says it smells good on their clothes but every load i did using it smelt bad. my clothes smelled musky.

Makes my family have breakouts