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I have 3 pair, and I've converted 2 friends and my daughter to also loving them. They fit like a glove. Can't wait to get more and they are dressy enough (in my eyes) to even wear to my job where tennis shoes aren't allowed.

I love love love my Toms! My kids have them and my mom and I have several pairs. What a great shoe and a great cause!

I LOVE TOMS! I have lots of different styles and colors. They are very comfortable. They are also very cute painted. I have worn several pairs until they have holes or no sole left on them. I would recommend them to everyone!!

I love my Tom's! My college age son got me hooked on these this summer. I will be looking for a winter pair. They are so comfortable and cute!

These shoes are AMAZING! They're very comfortable to walk in. I enjoy wearing them. I love their cause and i love that they are also cute, depending what color you get. I like my red pairs.

Best shoes hands down. I worked in retail for seven years and finally my feet couldn't take the pressure anymore, so when a friend recomended these I purchased the black glitter toms and will continue to buy them. Also love the idea that when I buy them it is helping a child in need.

i love my toms! i have two pairs, one for summer and one for winter. i think they are both cute and comfortable. I think for such as simple flat shoe they have a remarkable amount of arch support and cushion. my only complaint is that my summer ones are getting a little smelly from wearing them always without socks, but its not too bad.

When Tom's first came out, I didn't think much of the shoes. I thought the concept of giving back when a purchase was made was great, but the shoes didn't appeal to me. Summer came and I needed a pair of casual run-around shoes, so I decided to purchase them. Little did I know I would be falling in love. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned - I wear them every day, as often as I can. Since I purchased them, both of my daughters have them, my husband bought them, my father-in-law bought them and a friend of mine purchased them. I would recommend these to anyone, anywhere. LOVE THEM!

I love my Toms shoes. I receive so many compliments and I love what the company stand for. I did have a rough time finding theNow t right size. Now my only problem is I want them all. Thankfully I have not had any issues with easy wear and holes. I abuse mine too. Maybe it had something to do with the style I chose.

I have had my TOMS for 2 years now. They are my Summer Essential Shoe! I also can travel easily with them. I love how I can throw them in the wash, and Presto--ready to wear. (I stuff a crumbled up plastic bag inside the front of the shoe and let them sit out to dry.) They do run a little tricky on size, and they do stretch out, but other than that, I love these shoes!! My mom is on her 2nd pair (or maybe 3rd) I have lost count...I love the shoe, and can't wait to get a new pair!!

I've had my pair for over a year now they are a cute silver sparkle pair and I can wear them for many occasions, dress up or dressed down they had that something special to your outfit, plus the purchase helps a good cause. I find that mine are fairly comfortable,now I am not talking Ugg comfortable, but they are comfortable. I do plan on purchasing another pair or two once the colors are back in stock.

Tom's run short. I found this out by purchasing one pair, them not being returnable and going back to get a size larger. They are comfortable since there is not much too them (no support, etc.) I have to agree they are very unattractive.

I'm all for comfort but I'm sorry, Toms are soooo ugly

I bought these a few years ago when they first came out....awesome and so cute!! I get compliments on them all the time.