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Tom's shoes are wonderfully comfortable. I recently worked in Southeast Asia and one of the biggest problems is that children can not afford shoes, therefore they walk around the streets barefoot. It is terribly sad. Tom's shoes has made a courageous effort to help children all over the world. Yes there are problems in America, but when you visit third world countries, you realize that other people need things more than us. Never have I seen a shoeless child roaming the streets in America. So let's look at the bright side and be proud to purchase a pair of shoes that will help out children all over the world. And you get a great pair of shoes!

I love my TOMS!! I am a teacher, and am on my feet the majority of the day. Wearing TOMS allows me to do this comfortably. I also love the fact that they give to children in need.

TOMS DOES DONATE IN AMERICA. They have a shoe drop in New Orleans coming up in the next few weeks. I should have posted this in the original posting...I think I just came across it after more research though. They have frequent drops in America...more so then in other countires just for everyone's information :) Please continue to support this cause.

I love these shoes. They have great designs, they're comfortable and you don't feel guilty buying them because a pair goes to a child. I give Tom's shoes two thumbs up!

i think this is a great idea the shoes are so cute plus they are helping kids that cant afford anything which i think thats a great thing ..god bless you guys

I"m SOOO on board with's a great cause and the next pair of shoes that I buy are going to be Tom's. Their shoes are super cute...and from what I hear very comfortable.

I have bought several pairs on Tom's Shoes and they are comfy and cute and different. I will continue to buy the shoes.

I think that TOMS is an amazing concept for a business, they've come a really long way in improving the shoes too. They are really comfy stylish shoes with a cause.

That's a great ideaa. GO TOMS SHOES *

I love everything about Tom's shoes. Tom is a genius and I love the fact that a child gets shoes for every pair you buy!

It seems so simple but it makes such a huge difference!!

I love this idea too! I've heard of them for a long time. What a great person, I hope this inspires more people :)

These are hands-down the MOS comfortable shoes I have ever worn!! I recently bought a red pair, and the color is the perfect red. The shoes themselves are so light weight, you can barely feel them on. I get so many compliments on them! I just bought my second pair, navy blue, and I am in love! One note- if you are a half size, go with the smaller size. I am a size 6 or 6 1/2 usually, but these shoes will stretch so I went with the 6. They fit perfectly and it's for a good cause. What more can you ask for?!

Both my daugter (7) and I have Toms and absolutely love not only the shoes but the cause and movement behind the shoes. Honestly my daughter wants to save all her money to not only help those without shoes but because she likes that when we buy a pair a kid gets a pair. Was totally moved when I saw the interview on 60 minutes ... love the shoes and the cause.

Not only is this a GREAT cause - but these are the most comfortable shoes you will ever put on your feet!!! They are well worth the price. I just got my first pair a few months ago and plan to order another pair today.