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I wish I could afford some right now so others could also benefit.

I don't see the point in continuing to be an enabler to these poor countries when our own people right here DO need help. Where have all these donations of food, clothing and cash come from? From the very people who now have lost their jobs, their homes and had their lives ruined. The ones that now cannot continue to donate and are in need of their own help. The ones that suffer the most with all the government cutbacks. Are you blind to what's happening here? People live in their cars. Whole families! In abandoned houses, gas station bathrooms, it goes on and on. Why should these folks have to go without their running water and electricity and a roof over their head when they had worked so hard to get them? They donated to the cause before, and now they deserve the same in return. There are ALOT of Americans who have lost everything. Heard of Katrina? Many families still are in shelters. OUR people DO need help and they rightfully deserve it before ANYONE else!

There are so many children in need right here in the USA. Why are these companies always helping other children and neglecting the ones in their own country ??? As much as I would like to buy a pair, I wont. I wont support any product that puts another country before the US.

I'm all for comfort but I'm sorry, Toms are soooo ugly

Tom's run short. I found this out by purchasing one pair, them not being returnable and going back to get a size larger. They are comfortable since there is not much too them (no support, etc.) I have to agree they are very unattractive.

Although these shoes look cute and they may be very comfortable, I personally am not a fan of them because they are not something i would wear and they don't seem to have the support that i would look for in a shoe.

I cannot support this mindless business concept where they over charge for fabric shoes and give shoes to a poor kid in another country. It feels good, sure, but the reality is that no ONE asks who is making these shoes in the first place when MOST of these products are made in China where some kid doesn't go to school and gets paid a few dollars a promote this idea of helping someone else? The reality is that we live in an urban area and for millions of years people have not worn shoes. NOT having shoes is the least of their problems in these poor countries.

Ordered shoes for my daughter for Christmas and they were listed as shipped but never left on the warehouse. I know mistakes happen but all I got from them was a "sorry". Stated they would e-mail a coupon for a 10% discount (after I asked for some kind of remuneration for my aggravation) but they never did. Also promised overnight shipping but that didn't happpen either. Finally got the shoes in mid-January. Would not recommend a site with such poor customer service and, obviously, will never order from them again.

These are not cute and in addition the model that this company uses is irresponsible and unsustainable. It creates dependency on the west for the people who make/receive them in developing countries.

I'm all for comfort but I'm sorry, Toms are soooo ugly

I don't quite understand this style. It is not a very fashionable style, in my opinion. I personally would not buy them. And I have no problem spending money on shoes but I will go out and buy some Nike's or Chuck Taylor's before I would buy Tom's.

My mother purchased the Chambray shoes for my daughter. The first time she wore them, the front of the shoes shredded through. A couple wears later, the leather strap on the side snapped off. My daughter is not tough on shoes so this really made me concerned with the quality of the shoes. For $30, I'd rather buy a pair of shoes I know will hold up and look decent for a season. I personally love Cienta shoes... they hold up forever!!! The Toms didn't last a week! On another note, when I tried to contact CS about the shoes, I was on hold for 20 min before I finally gave up and tried the live chat option. Again, I didn't get a rep for 30 min. This is too long for a busy mom... who has time to sit on hold?! When I finally got someone via live chat, she couldn't resolve the situation. She gave me instructions to email the warranty dept and they would contact me about my claim. REALLY?!?!?! Do NOT order from!

The shoes are quite nice, however my review is for the Toms online shop. If you like any Toms shoes please only buy them from a shop on the high street where you can easily try them on, return them or exchange them. My experience with the online shop was that I received completely the wrong size & it cost me $30 to send them back. The customer service was an absolute nightmare to deal with and I would like to prevent any one else making the same error.

I don't really like the style, and they are way too expensive in my opinion.

I bought a pair of the sequin Toms on May 9th 2013. I may have worn them 5 or 6 times. Both of my shoes are worn in the back heel area. The right one more to the left due to driving. I am disappointed because I love the company's concept but I can't see myself buying another pair. I will donate to the cause instead.