Tide To Go

Tide To Go

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Convenient! It does a good job on most things, but can sometimes leave a ring. So don't use too much of it. It does act kind of like a stain booster, too. So when you was the item the spot almost always comes out.

Removes the stains with small amount of solution,works well and easy to keep in my handbag.Awesome product.

Awesome, I put it in my handbag, scaus I'm famous for always spilling stuff on my clothes so I just whip it out & dab dab. Great then I don't have to worry that by the time I remove the garment & wash it that it will be stained forever.

Easy to use and effective. Love the convience of it being in a stick pen. Planning on taking with me while traveling next month!

This is an awesome product. Handy to have around especially with two kids in the house. It really works

I received this product as a free sample. I had got oil on my pants and use this product on it...it got most of the oil stain off but left some. Good product to have for a quick stain remover

Everyone should have one of these with them at all times. Especially if you are a major spiller or your have children with you. I spilled coffee on my white shirt and cardigan on a 2 hour drive TO the zoo. Luckily I had a Tide pen in my purse and was able to get the stain out (with a little help of a baby wipe since it was a pretty sizeable stain).

I always keep the mini sized tied to go in my purse and car. I have a five year old daughter and three step kids who are in there teens two of the step kids are boys and ones a girl. I'm always being asked for my tide sticks from the kids. Mom I spilled juice, mom I got ketchup on my jeans, mom.... you get the picture. I'm very glad that I was able to recieve tied to go full size now this one will stay in the bathroom when teh kids ask mom I'll point them towards the medicine cabinet. Thank you shespeaks.

The Tide To Go pen is great for on the go accidents and spills. It removes stains fast and easily fits into my purse so I can take it with me everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised when I used it on a coffee spill and it instantly made it disappear.

I love this product. Very effective on cleaning the stain. Always keep one in car and purse. Love it.

A must have for all moms. I cant use many actual detergents because my husband and two of my four sons have sensitive skin. But this is a stain removing pen that I can use and not have to worry about them breaking out! Easy to use and has saved many tops of not only mine but my husbands and children's as well.

These are my favorite. Carry with me everywhere.

I already love Tide Original Detergent, so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to try out and review the TIde To Go Instant Stain Remover, thanks to shespeaks and P&G, and boy did it impress me! I was able to get a drop of hot sauce out of white cotton easily with this handy stain remover. I simply rinsed the stain with water to remove any excess, then basically "erased" the stain with the Tide To Go pen, it was that easy! I was amazed at how well this really worked, and this little gem is going in my purse from now on!

Great product. Fits right into my purse. Works great.

I always have one of these in my purse. It does a good job of getting most stains out before they set. My issue with this product is the cap comes off easily and then the pen dries out. They are too expensive for this to happen. I hope the company can fix this problem soon.