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Tide To Go

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I will never buy this again. I got a spot on a white shirt and I tried to blot it out with one of these and it turned the entire spot yellow. And it stained the shirt.

Unfortunately doesn't really seem to work on most stains... At least not for me! Didn't get coffee out of white shirt when I tried, nor a dirty mark out of a colored shirt. Lightened them a very bit but overall have to say I was disappointed by this product. :( C'mon Tide you can do better!

It is possible that maybe I am using this product wrong, seeing as other reviews are so great and in favor of this product. Truthfully, I have kept this in my diaper bag to use on the go and I cannot say that I see that it does anything.

I was sloppily making a pitcher of Crystal Light fruit punch when some of the powdered mix sprinkled on myself. It made two small, red dots on my white shirt. So I got out the Tide to Go stick, and pressed firmly several times on the stains, releasing the liquid and allowing it to soak in. In the end, the red dots turned to much larger pink smeared stains. I'm disappointed this didn't work for me as it seems to work for everyone else. I like the idea of Tide To Go, and the stick is so handy. Perhaps it will work on a different kind of stain. I'll keep trying.

Tried this out and didn't really see a big difference between this and other pre-treatments!

This did not appear to make a difference at all with the cloting that I used it on.

This did not make differnce, I got a cofee stain and it just made the stain worse. I guess It might work in other ocassions.

I wasn't impressed. I love Tide detergent so I thought this would be a great product. Didn't do much for the stains I treated.

It usually just smears my stains and makes it worse.

Not all they are cracked up to be, okay for small spots but just makes huge water marks for the most part.

I don't like this as much as the Oxy Clean mini stain sprayer. The Tide stick leaves behind a soapy residue and even after it dries you can see the outline of where you applied it - it leaves a stain of it's own. The Oxy-Clean removes almost every stain and when the area dries, you aren't left with any soapy residue or outline.

I keep this in my daughters bag for emergencies. I like how easy and fast it is to use. Takes a while to dry but it gets the stains out

Tide to go its ok on easy Stains, we had a Grapejuice stain in a white Schoolshirt ,was not going out. And let it smire behind. So i will not buy it.

I keep one of these in my purse always with two kids - sometimes it really helps to prevent stains, but not always. The cap tends to fall off way too easily in my purse, which is one thing I don't like. It's a good product, but not the absolute best stain remover I have tried.

I've used this a few times and sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn't really help and get the stain completely out. It's convenient to carry around and I guess it's a great pretreater but you have to remember to really treat the stain when you get home because on it's own I don't think it's enough. But for on the go use it does a pretty good job.