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Tide To Go

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The Tide to go stick is awesome. I try to be neat a work but it doesn't always work out that way. Recently I've purchased several pairs of white/off white dress pants. No matter how hard I try I always get something on them. Sometimes it's just from the underside of my desk. I get the Tide to go stick out of my purse and "Stain Removed"!

This is a must have at the start of every school year.

Works great for getting a stain out right away!! Dries pretty fast too and you can't even tell there was a stain.

Works great!!! Seeing as though I'm a clutz & always spilling stuff I keep one in my bag.... Really does work!!!

I have one of these in my laundry area, my kitchen area, my dining room, in my bathroom and in my handbag at all times. I recently dripped salad dressing on a linen top at a restaurant. Immediately went into the bathroom and used my Tide stick on the stain and it got it out. Though my top was ruined. Wouldn't ever be without this stick.

I always carry one with me in my purse has saved me, friends and even strangers grief! LOVE IT!

This is truly every moms must have! If my child spills on herself in public we don't have to look like slobs. Just pull out the Tide to Go pen aka moms magic wand and the day is saved.

I always wind up bringing a portion of lunch back to work with me on my top! I love the Tide to go pen. The product is such a life saver and allows me to feel clean again in the matter of minutes. Most definately recommend to anyone that would listen.

Great pen for stains and spots when you're at work or on the go. It's also great for getting spots out of the couch or other hard to reach/clean areas. This is not a pre-treater, it's a spot remover, so make sure to test it first because it is strong.

I never leave the house without this little gem. I used to always find myself out and about, being social, only to look down and realize that I had been oblivious to the fact that I had spilled something on my shirt. There is nothing worse than a spill stain, and no time in the near future to change. When these first came out I tried them out, and they have been a staple in my purse since. ESPECIALLY when I had kids, these came in handy. No matter how hard you try, they never stay clean.

So happy to get this product in my P&G kit. I became hooked after a friend of a friend let me try it at a birthday party and my daughter got some tomato sauce on her shirt. It is so convenient because you can take it with you and leave it in your purse and it removes stains well.

Great product. Fits right into my purse. Works great.

I already love Tide Original Detergent, so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to try out and review the TIde To Go Instant Stain Remover, thanks to shespeaks and P&G, and boy did it impress me! I was able to get a drop of hot sauce out of white cotton easily with this handy stain remover. I simply rinsed the stain with water to remove any excess, then basically "erased" the stain with the Tide To Go pen, it was that easy! I was amazed at how well this really worked, and this little gem is going in my purse from now on!

These are my favorite. Carry with me everywhere.

A must have for all moms. I cant use many actual detergents because my husband and two of my four sons have sensitive skin. But this is a stain removing pen that I can use and not have to worry about them breaking out! Easy to use and has saved many tops of not only mine but my husbands and children's as well.