Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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I found this to clean really well. I like the smell and I use less pre-treat products it would be a 5 star if i did not use any pre treat products. I will buy this product

I'm happy with this, but....I'm still happier with my Tide Free & Clear. I have been impressed with how well Tide works to really get my clothes clean.

The fragrance was great, and it seemed to get all our clothes clean. My only concern is, I always wash my linens in hot water, as recommended by my allergist. I don't know if I washed my linens in cold water, using the Tide Cold Water detergent, if it would have the same effect. I guess I'm concerned about the germ-killing power of hot water, versus cold water, and am wondering if there are any germ-killing ingredients/properties with the detergent.

I had no issues with the performance of Tide Cold Water... But since I usually use Tide, and usually use cold water, I wonder if there is really any difference. I do have a design complaint. With a dark blue lid, you cannot see the lines marking the recommended amount per load in anything dimmer than glaring light. Since the amounts are often excessive even then, a thrifty person needs to keep a close eye on the amount used - impossible, in this case.

We just purchased a new washing machine, so no more laundrymats for us! Yeah! I was really excited to get to try the Tide Cold Water. I believe it is a product I would purchase again. Also helps by using cold water and saves on the bills! What a benefit!

I have to say that I was very surprised and pleased to see how well Tide Coldwater detergent did in just cold water. Cold water has always been something I reserved for delicate items, so this was a new experience for me in that I washed everything in cold water. Results were very good, but it was hard to get over old habits and not wash my sturdy whites in hot water. If the price of Tide would just come down, I would be more thrilled, but I am going to compare what I think I might have saved in gas for heating water to the washing machine compared to the price difference between Tide and my regular detergent. It may be more economical than I think. Anyway, Tide Coldwater probably will have a new convert to a new way of washing clothes.

I was so worried about my clothes coming out clean smelling good and being germ free.... I wash dogs and cat for a living so I come home with all kinds of things on my clothes so to wash them in cold water scared me....Tide cold water worked most of the time really well on my work clothes... there were a few times that they didnt seem to be good enough the first time and had to be washed again... The other thing that I feel about Tide products it that the price is pretty expensive.... the coupons that Tide offers arent very good either 35 cents off when you pay almost ten dollars for a small bottle of laundry soap Well you tell me.... Thanks for listening

I loved Tide Coldwater! I used it for all of my laundry, and even my husbands black work clothes came out clean and smelled so fresh!! I prefer using cold water to wash the clothes in, uses less energy and not as harsh on the clothes themselves!

I thought it worked well on lightly soiled clothing that just need a wash. For gym clothes, towels and other heavily soiled items I had to rewash them as they didnt smell as fresh and clean as they do when I use the traditional tide

Tide Coldwater works better than my other laundry detergent, it's not as harsh on the clothes and it saves me money on my Electric bill as well. I just hope Tide will send out Coupons on a Regular basis!!!

Works well on stains, and it leaves clothes smelling great!

Tide is the best! The coldwater worked just as well as my old favorite Tide

Love Tide.It does the best job at keeping my kids clothes clean.

I was buying another cheap brand that wasn't washing my clothes as well. I came across a promotional coupon to try this and it happened to be on sale at my local store at the same time. I bought it and was pleasantly surprised. My clothes came out brighter! Even a couple old stains on my table clothe for Thanksgiving that weren't removed after a few washes in other detergent came right out with this one. The other reason I was hesitant is that Tide was known for being harsh on skin and my fiance use to be allergic. Either it went away or they changed their product for the better because he does not have any problems with it. The only issue I have is the price. It can be simply outrageous and when you're in a big family that has to do a lot of laundry on a regular basis, you want to save money where you can. I still love the way it cleans clothes and the smell is divine. I also find my clothes are still quite soft even without fabric softener.

I want to start off by saying that this product is ridiculously expensive compared to other brands out there but it's honestly worth the money. Does a good job of cleaning and you really don't need to use that much per load.