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Tide Coldwater

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I love the Tide Coldwater. I have always felt like hot water washing was more abrasive on my laundry. I always wash my tops and even jeans on delicate in cold water, lightly toss tops in dryer and remove to hang dry. Hot water is harsh and fades my colors over time. Cold water is much safer and the Tide Coldwater is a product for cold water and I am seeing great results. This has convinced me and I have talked to several relatives, family, friends and co-workers about the new Tide Coldwater. Also tweeted about it and posted on Facebook! Tide Coldwater is on my shopping list now.

i love tide coldwater, it works good on my mans clothes because he is a metal fabricator and he gets really dirty and it really cleans his clothes.

I love this product!!! I was always afraid to use any water temp. except hot to wash our clothes for fear they would not be clean! Wow was I ever wrong.....with Tide Cold Water our clothes are just as clean if not more since using this product!!!! I have always been a Tide user so there will not be a "switch" that I will have to worry about. The quality is still amazing as are the results!!!!!! Will will be saving on hot water and on our gas bill...it is a win win!! WOOT!!!!!

I had never used Cold Water Tide and I was unsure of using cold water, my 12 month old grandson lives with me and I have always used hot water to wash his clothes, it was unbelievable how well his clothes were clean, even things with stains were clean and the stains were gone. The smell of all our clothes was great, they all smelled freshed even after all day of wearing them. I have told several of my friends and family members that this product is worth the money.

I've been using Tide Coldwater and I've had great results! Our clothes have been coming out clean and smelling good!

I have been very impressed, I have tried all types of loads of laundry using this product ranging from whites to darks to sheets and towels and everything has come out clean. I am thrilled to be able to use a great product and save energy all at the same time!

Loved the Tide Coldwater Detergent everything came out clean and I love the scent.Would like to try it on my husbands very dirty work clothes however he seems to have a reaction to detergents with fragrance.Definately will keep using for other family members.Not sure if I should test out on hubby.Love the product and will continue to use.

This laundry detergent is amazing! I have a rug that I have to wash with bleach to get the stains out. This time I purposely didn't use anything other than Tide Coldwater laundry detergent. All the stains came out no problem!

Coldwater Tide worked great! Washed my 11 year old's soccer uniform after a tournament games. White socks with grass stains and Tide did the job. Also, liked the way you can see the fill line on the cap. No lingering perfume smells. I can't believe I am washing my clothes in cold water. Can't wait to see my electricity bill. Really impressed.

I usually wash my clothing in cold with the Tide Free. I received my bottle of the Tide Cold Water and used it last week. LOVE the Tide Cold Water! The clothes seemed cleaner, smelled fresher and I didnt have to use as much detergent. Great product!

After using Tide Coldwater I was folding my clothes I noticed how wonderfully clean they smelled, maybe that's because they actually are much cleaner now than with my previous brand. I'm so happy with my leap over to Tide Coldwater, I'm impressed with the brilliantly clean freshness!

I was so surprised to get a full bottle of Tide in the mail. I could not wait to wash clothes. I noticed the clean smell after i opened it. I normaly was clothes in warm water and this was a switch for me. I was amazed how well my clothes came out after washing them in cold water. I am sold on this laundry detergent. I will not be using the other again! Thank you so much for sending this to me. Can't wait to try more. Thank you, Jill

I love this Tide Coldwater. I noticed the wonderful fragrance right when I opened it. Turns out I need to use the High Efficiency one for my washing machine so I had to go out to buy a bottle. It works so well, I don't have to wash things twice. I had long ago given up on my washing machine ever getting anything clean (can't soak anything in a front-loader!!) but now I'm happy!

Thank you so much for sending me Tide Cold water to try. I absolutely love it. I will be using it from now on. I love the fresh scent and how clean my laundry turned out. The clothes stayed fresh smelling and a lot cleaner than my previous brand. I will recommend Tide ColdWater to everyone.

My husband and I tried Tide Coldwater Detergent and was impressed on how well this detergent cleaned our clothes. The fragrance of the Tide was just right leaving our clothes smelling FRESH ( we didn't have to use a dryer sheet). I would definitely recommend this product to family & friends alike.