Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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I add this to my tamale pie recipe. It taste great but I've found that some store brands are cheaper and taste the same.

Love these Buy 6 cans every time I go shopping and still run out in between trips.

Rotel is used in our cooking quite often. Use it for spaghetti sauce and chili. I like it quite a lot!

It is a staple in our house. Rotel is great for more than just cheese dip. Pour over pork chops and bake them for a little zing and serve it with rice. Add it to your chicken tortilla soup to punch it up a notch. Rotel Rules!

These are absolutely perfect if you mix it in with velveeta cheese and dip tortilla chips in it.

I love Rotel. The original is my favorite, but they also have different varieties and flavors now, like mild, hot with habanero, and lime and cilantro. I find that the mild version is not quite spicy enough for me. When I reach for Rotel, I'm looking for some heat. However, the hot variety is VERY hot! I was pleased that it had so much flavor, but it was honestly too much for me!! I really like to use the lime and cilantro flavor in my tortilla soup recipe. 2 cans give my soup just the limey bite that makes my soup delicious!!

Rotel and Velveeta!!

Love this to use in Chili and cheese dip.

Absolutely love this product. I use it in other dishes besides just cheese sauce. Thank Rotel, you make me look good.

I love love this stuff. Add it to so many soup, chili, appetizer recipes. I always have this in my pantry.

Great flavor.

Great to add flavor to recipes when it calls for canned tomatoes, but personal I find it just a tad too spicy.

Rotel is always in the pantry. There is no end for the many creations.

Ro-Tel is a constant staple in our house! I make so many recipes all the time with them, my favorites being Queso Dip & The Pioneer Woman's Chili. YUM!

This is a must have in our house, especially during football season. Mix it with a block of velveta cheese and you got the dipping of a life time. You can serve it hot or cold, either way it is great.