A&E Storage Wars

A&E Storage Wars

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I do like to see the things they claim they find in the lockers, it would be nice if they would tell how long the lockers have not been paid for to make them come up for bids. I also believe the high end items are planted by the show. I do not care for the bickering between the people staring on the show nor the big mouth remarks they make, I only watch when there is nothing eles on.

FAKE FAKE FAKE used to watch this until I found out for a fact that its fake why is it still on air

Sorry Storage Wars - STOPPED watching when you brought Dave Hester back! Can't stand the guy......all so FAKE now. Loved the other people on the show but Dave ruins it for me and my family.........

Used to love it until we found out it was rigged, haven't watched since.

I find this show annoying, and way to staged with very poor quality. I get these are real people and reality but it is over the top!

I like the show but think it is unrealistic. Same people buying most of the time. Where are the others? Are there only those few who bid each time? I think not! Then 99% of the time they really bring in the bucks. WINNERS! Nope, I don't think so, I think it is like playing the lottery or at the casino ~ most of the time you are a loser. If it was that wonderful, people would be flocking to every single unit around and it just don't happen. Most of the time, you pay dearly and get nothing in return. There is a reason they don't let you go thru them or move anything or touch anything!

Haven't really watched it lately, I've heard they plant stuff in the lockers so they have a exciting show..

i find this show silly and clearly staged. i just don't see the appeal

This show is interesting they actually find lots of things.

I liked it at first because you just never know but now it seems to be staged.

Some are good, some are annoying!

It's cool to see what they find in the lockers.. but really how often does that happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they "planted" things in the lockers. Its TV! They couldn't air a show that showed everyone going negative.. that wouldn't make the show! A positive note that this show brought is the crowd of people who now go to storage unit auctions.. I heard that storage units used to go for cheap amounts .. $25-50, now its $200++ with CROWDS of people! Business is booming @ storage unit places!

I mostly watch this show because my husband turns it on. I do like it, however, it would not be in my top 5 choices at any given time.

I usually end up watching it because my husband likes to watch it. Wouldn't be my first choice though.

This show is ok, but only certain buyers get talked about and sometimes the bidding is outragous.