e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Face Primer

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Face Primer

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Good deal This is a very good primer that I think is every bit as good as the high end ones. It's silky smooth and helps your makeup to go on and stay on much better

Primer Elf for Perfection I love this product for evening out my skin tone and keeping my foundation secure. It goes on well, evens out imperfections, fills pores, and creates a silk-like canvas in which to apply foundation, blush, powder, contour, etc. It comes in an easy to use bottle and is priced very reasonably.

Not worth it It really doesn't do anything. It doesn't stay on the skin long. It just really has no noticeable effect or great feel or anything like that. It's cheap and just not worth the money. It also smells kind of weird. I would not buy it again or recommend it.

100% BEST I LOVE ELF, ITS PART OF ME. Love applying it daily.

LOVE IT!! I love elf! This product is definitely a must-have! it feels great on your face and makes your makeup lats!

I rarely used a primer in the past but now I use this product every single day I must admit, it was on sale for $3 sp I purchased it

for elf it is not a bad product but some may not like the way it sits on your fave although it did not bother me. it makes your skin appearance smoother but does not prolong the wear of it.

Love it. Makes your skin look hydrated and healthy

Low price mineral primer that works just as good as the high priced primers! Love how smooth it goes on and makes my skin feel so soft!

I purchased the luminous product, it has yellow and gold undertones. I love the feel of the product but it has many sparkly shimmer type reflectiveness to it. It could be better of it didnt have that but overall i love it

I have tried this before and I love it , I defintely rather use the Pore Primer as it helps me keep my makeup longer but this is just as good for any type of skin , go elf!

I love this Primer. Prior to trying any products, my make up did not go on well. I tried several others but found them messy or to thick. This Primer glides on, setting up you face as a smooth canvas for you makeup. It does the job that more expensive brands do. High quality with a low price that will help your makeup ritual easier and beautiful. You'll be pleased with the results

For the price, this primer is as good as it gets! It smoothes out pores without melting. My foundation lasted 7 hours before it began to get oily.

This is a very good primer that I think is every bit as good as the high end ones. It's silky smooth and helps your makeup to go on and stay on much better. I'm looking forward to trying the pore refining one as well. Can't beat the price at $3 and even cheaper from ELF when they have their sales!

I use this product every single day, with or without makeup. I used to use L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness primer, but I found that was iffy to use. It controlled the redness, but you can very easily use a drop or two too much and have green visible on your face. When I found the e.l.f. primer, it was on sale for $3, but having used it, I would (and have since) pay the $6 full price and probably even more! I believe the L'Oreal product was about $11. The e.l.f. primer takes about two small squirts of the pump, and it just smooths on like magic. There's no green tint to my skin. It prevents redness all day. It feels magnificent. It makes my face feel so soft and silky. It makes me not even want to put any other products over it because it feels so good alone. I have rosacea and tend to blush/flush in my face very easily and it can be horribly embarrassing. The e.l.f. primer prevents that from ever happening and I will never use another product.