#MayDaysGiveaways: Enter to win ANOTHER Philips 5400 Espresso Maker - $1,000 value!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.20.21
#MayDaysGiveaways: Enter to win ANOTHER Philips 5400 Espresso Maker - $1,000 value!
No, you're not having déjà vu - this espresso maker is so nice that we decided to give it away twice (it was also the #MayDaysGiveaways Week 1 prize)! That's right, there's a second chance to win a Philips 5400 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo! "This fully automatic espresso maker knows your order by heart – thanks to saved personal profiles – and can grind and brew 12 full-flavored drinks at the press of a button."

How can I win this lovely machine, you ask?  Easy! This week, pour a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch, and catch up on the #SheSpeaksPodcast.

Boost your mood with these three podcast episodes and enter to win a Philips 5400 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with LatteGo - valued at $1,000!

  • Embracing No with Sheri Salata, former exec. producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show - Sheri teaches us how to shift the voices in our head, so that every "no" keeps pushing us forward, instead of holding us back. 
  • Finding Happiness Everyday with multi-talented singer and performer, Cristina Rae - Cristina shares her personal journey, her rise from homelessness, and her experience on America's Got Talent. Cristina's positivity shines throughout this episode! 
  • The Practice of Being Happy, Having Gratitude & Boosting Well-Being with Nataly Kogan, CEO of Happier - Nataly helps shift our understanding of what happiness is, seeing it as a skill that we can improve, rather than a state of being. She gives practical tips that you can put into practice immediately! 

So set aside a little "me-time," reset your mood, and then set your sights on that espresso machine!

The Philips 5400 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is like having your own personal barista! What's your go-to coffee order? Tell us below and enter to win!

#MayDaysGiveaways: Week 4, Philips espresso maker

Enter all our #MayDaysGiveaways through June 6!

  • Enter here for the chance to win a Philips 5400 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine ($1,150 value)**
  • Enter here for the chance to win 1 of 2  Sugarfina Bubbly 8 Piece Candy Bento Boxes® (valued at $70 each).
  • Enter here for the chance to win a Philips Airfryer Essential XL ($200 value)

* One lucky contestent will be chosen at random to receive a Philips 5400 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Go, valued at $999.95. Note that this product will be sent directly from Philips, so the winner's address will be given to them for shipping purposes. Giveaway is open through June 6, 2021 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winners will be notified by email.  Winners must submit a completed IRS W-9 form to SheSpeaks within five days of receiving their email notification, so SheSpeaks can issue the winner a 1099-MISC for the value of the prize.  If a winner fails to submit the completed W-9 form within five days, they will forfeit the prize, and an alternate random winner will be chosen. 

** This prize was priced at $1,149.50 in early May. It is currently being sold for $999.95.

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  • mmei622 By mmei622

    would love the latteGo function.

  • BeautyWin By BeautyWin

    Caramel macchiato!

  • lughead13 By lughead13

    Salted caramel coffee is my jam!  Especially on a cold snowy day!

  • mayukham By mayukham

    Coffee is my everything. I think that there is nothing better than waking up to a hot cup of coffee in the morning. I would be honored to receive this prize because it would make my day everyday.

    Being able to start my day off with this beautiful machine would be a dream come true. I would love to be able to share this with my family while sitting around a table with hot cappuccino, having breakfast together, smiling, and talking. My parents are big fans of coffee and my Mom's birthday is coming up soon. I would love to be able to give her this present and thank her for all the things she has done for me and all the sacrifices that she has made to give me a good life. 

    I would absolutely love to win this, and I hope you find me deserving. 

    Thank you,

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    Iced mocha latte

  • bellarossa By bellarossa

    Latte w/almond or coconut milk :)

  • steelermom By steelermom

    a latte

  • Sarahedan By Sarahedan

    I would love to win this espresso machine! I am not a big drinker, but there is just one drink that I crave when I'm looking to unwind - an espresso martini!

    Obviously, espresso is needed to make them and I've been unable to make them at home by not having my own machine. In addition to loving lattes and espresso by itself, I would be so grateful to have a way to make my favorite martini at home. 

    My friends and I love them so much that we started a group dedicated to finding the best espresso martini in Houston. This prize would be a great excuse to have friends over in a safe, COVID-free environment where we are able to enjoy our favorite drink and create new memories.

    Not to mention, it would be the perfect gift for my upcoming birthday! I would be so grateful to win a machine that I would otherwise be unable to afford, so thank you very much to Philips and SheSpeaks for the opportunity. 

  • ivel1977 By ivel1977

    Caramel macchiato

  • penemio By penemio

    I like a mocha cappucino

  • bsf4016 By bsf4016

    Caramel macchiato

  • jmac272 By jmac272

    just cream

  • sarahspy By sarahspy

    My go to is a latte made with oat milk :)

  • jjohnson46 By jjohnson46

    A vanilla cappuccino with whipped cream is my go to!

  • policewife206 By policewife206


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