Miley Cyrus: Child Celebrity On The Edge?

   By drodriguez  Dec 14, 2010

Miley Cyrus, now 18-years-old, made headlines recently for what many are calling a questionable life choice.  A cell phone video of her was released smoking a hallucinogen drug known as Salvia out of a bong at a party.  The drug is legal in several states and supposedly gives the user a similar experience to smoking marijuana or taking LSD.

Whether it be a risque choice of clothing, sexually charged dance moves, or posing semi-nude for a magazine spread all while she was under the age of 18, Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. Many are questioning whether Cyrus’ behaviour is just another example of how child celebrities’ lives often spiral out of control or if she is just acting her age and everything she does is magnified because of her celebrity.

Whatever the answer, there is no question that her actions directly influence young people and her fans.  A recent report from FOX News reports that the sales of the drug Salvia have skyrocketed in California where it is currently legal.  Stores carrying the drug report sales up by three times of what they were before last Friday and some store clerks have actually reported to TMZ that customers are actually asking for “the stuff Miley was smoking”.  

In the video that was reportedly stolen from Cyrus’ friend’s phone, Cyrus is seen inhaling the drug out of a bong before laughing uncontrollably.  Her intense reaction to the drug is why many believe people have become so interested in purchasing it in California.  The movement to ban Salvia in the states that it is currently legal has heightened now that it is getting so much press.

What do you think of the recent video that was published on the internet of Miley Cyrus smoking from a bong?

Do you think Cyrus’ actions are just that of a normal 18-year-old or is she another example of a child celebrity on the edge?

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ashleyd85 by ashleyd85 | SCOTT CITY, MO
Dec 17, 2010

So so sad i feel sorry for this girl she is way to young for all this but she has no appropriate role models to guide her. I blame her parents.

Shainspirations by Shainspirations | Woodbridge, VA
Dec 16, 2010

She is fastly becoming a POSTER CHILD for a child celebrity on the edge which is so very sad to see. When she first started out she was wholesome and fun and just like any other "norma" teenager...Now that she is a "STAR" she has become wild, reckless, out of control and undisciplined which is really sad to see. We have seen what has happened to other "child stars" and I was going to put its the industries fault but changed it. Its the fault of the people around her who allow the behaviors to continue because of her status. Where are her parents and loved ones...At the end of the day she is still very young and needs guidance and REAL LOVE would intervene and FAST. Her life is under a microscope 24 hours a day and thats a lot of pressure. She need help in balancing it all out or she will end up another statistic before she even reaches thirty.

fishersonia by fishersonia | TEMECULA, CA
Dec 16, 2010

she is going threw what every one of us did but with cameras on her at all times. At some point we have to agree that her life is harder than ours ever was, but also she needs to realize that and mature faster than we had to knowing that what she does is going to be captured and printed.

Gin257 by Gin257 | LONG BEACH, NY
Dec 16, 2010

She made a mistake. It's too bad. Im not in a place to be judging her as I do not know what happens in her life away from the cameras. And, who am I to Judge?

blueeyes1 by blueeyes1 | Topeka, KS
Dec 16, 2010

I think she is acting like many 18 years old, but she accepted and nurtured a role that placed her in the public eye as a "role model" for young girls. Children idolize movie stars and singers to be confronted with failures of personal responsibility time and time again. Help these young stars, discontinue the fascination with their lives.Stop giving them "implied power" merely because they are famous. If we no longer look at their every move maybe they will look at themselves instead. The current thinking seems to be if I get arrested, put in rehab, and more, my "star(ness)" will give me the proverbial "get out of jail free" card. Real ife doesn't act this way for the common person, why are we as a society allowing it to act this way for the select few? .

wvmommyX by wvmommyX | Huntington, WV
Dec 15, 2010

The media tends to over expose the lives of celebrities in general. Its hard to decipher between the truth and sensationalism

Jennoh by Jennoh | ROCHESTER, MN
Dec 15, 2010

As soon as I heard that her parents were seperating, I started to expect the wild celebrity antics to begin. What better thing to blame wild actions on.. Publicity stunt to propel her into being an adult star or just the Hollywood cycle? Either way, I am not anticipating this to be her last controversial headline.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Dec 15, 2010

Seems she's been looking like she would be heading down this road for some time to me.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Dec 15, 2010

She is experimenting and her parents seem to have let her loose at such a young age that she feels that their might be no consequences for her actions! I feel sorry for her! If she continues on the road she is at now all that hard work she put into her career is going to be a waste! Parents no matter if your child is famous or not always put down some boundaries and never let them run you!

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Dec 15, 2010

Lindey Lohan #2!!!!!

shelly_noble24 by shelly_noble24 | SULLIVAN, MO
Dec 14, 2010

i think in a way she is acting like a typical girl her age. the thing is she is going a little futher than girls her age do. this is becuase shes a celebrity and can get away with it. i suspect she is going to be another linsy lohan or paris hilton. the law needs to do more about these celbrities doing the things they do that is illegal. they should not be like oh well cuse there rich and famous. they should get in as much troulbe as anyone else. i know this is not illegal yet but i bet you it will be still be smokeing it to. if she gets caught arrest her please cops in cali. oh and judges and stuff dont let her off easy. she needs to be taught as do other celebrities there not gods and there bad anxiouns have consiquences like everyone else

aprildsygrl by aprildsygrl | Albright, WV
Dec 14, 2010

I understand that she is now 18, & I also understand she wants to "grow up" & not be stuck as Hannah Montana forever. But SHE has to understand that she has made a powerful franchise that millions of little girls look up to. Its really a lose - lose situation for her. So she needs to make a desicion. . As far as my opinion on the video, the girl is 18 a legal adult, she is free to make her own desicions, & besides what little girl needs to be watching an internet video of her smoking a bong? If they are, then there is some major issues that needs to be dealt with. As far as the older girls that may have seen it and or are aware of it...parents wake up if your not aware of your childs extracurricular activites then you have no one to blame but yourself. I can almost guarentee the kids that may be smoking wether its pot or this sativa are not Miley Cyrus fans, they have been when they were little but I highly doubt they would ever admit to it.