Miley Cyrus: Child Celebrity On The Edge?

   By drodriguez  Dec 14, 2010

Miley Cyrus, now 18-years-old, made headlines recently for what many are calling a questionable life choice.  A cell phone video of her was released smoking a hallucinogen drug known as Salvia out of a bong at a party.  The drug is legal in several states and supposedly gives the user a similar experience to smoking marijuana or taking LSD.

Whether it be a risque choice of clothing, sexually charged dance moves, or posing semi-nude for a magazine spread all while she was under the age of 18, Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. Many are questioning whether Cyrus’ behaviour is just another example of how child celebrities’ lives often spiral out of control or if she is just acting her age and everything she does is magnified because of her celebrity.

Whatever the answer, there is no question that her actions directly influence young people and her fans.  A recent report from FOX News reports that the sales of the drug Salvia have skyrocketed in California where it is currently legal.  Stores carrying the drug report sales up by three times of what they were before last Friday and some store clerks have actually reported to TMZ that customers are actually asking for “the stuff Miley was smoking”.  

In the video that was reportedly stolen from Cyrus’ friend’s phone, Cyrus is seen inhaling the drug out of a bong before laughing uncontrollably.  Her intense reaction to the drug is why many believe people have become so interested in purchasing it in California.  The movement to ban Salvia in the states that it is currently legal has heightened now that it is getting so much press.

What do you think of the recent video that was published on the internet of Miley Cyrus smoking from a bong?

Do you think Cyrus’ actions are just that of a normal 18-year-old or is she another example of a child celebrity on the edge?

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minnie09 by minnie09 | cecilia, KY
Jan 08, 2011

This is a case(serious case) of a spoiled brat. Her father and mother have continuously shown that this child calls the shots. Everytime she messes up, they, especially billy ray, make excuses for her. I used to be so thrilled that my little girl was a fan of hers because it appeared that she had high morals..apparently like most others in hollywood, it was just an act, a money making gimmick. My 11 year old daughter threw away all her hannah montana items when she saw the "bong" video on TV. Being a teenager is no excuse for doing drugs or walking around half naked. This is not what the moral majority considers adulthood. shame on her and especially her over compensating parents.

Mabel01 by Mabel01 | Miami, FL
Jan 06, 2011

I truly believe that Cyrus is one of the most irresponsible human beings in this planet. I DON'T CARE if she was 30, 18, or 12 at that matter. When I was younger I also was crazy and did my insanities from time to time, but I always had the mind to think of how I affected others and how I had responsabilities. Miley should be responsible enough to know her actions affect the lives of CHILDREN. Not adults but children, and if she has any sense she should think thousands of times before doing anything. I mean come know anything you do will be some how found by the media! You're comes with the territory.

bellamoonstone by bellamoonstone | pensacola, FL
Jan 03, 2011

As a mother I would shm and demand her to thrown into as military school... ran by nuns... crazy nuns who hit you with a ruler for breathing! No I'm kidding but seriously she's a young woman, and yews as a public figure you would think she understands how much of an impact she makes on children everywhere. On the other hand, as an adult, she is free to make what ever choices she wants. Now with that said, my kids were never allows to watch hannah motana, but were raised on The Simpsons lol.

lastnerve by lastnerve | LAS VEGAS, NV
Jan 03, 2011

On top of that, who to trust? How can she be sure she can turn to anyone and her privacy be protected? Her parents splitting up is so difficult for her and add stardom on to that. She is a kid, how can she begin to make the adult decisions that people expect her to make? She thinks she invincible right now. She doesn't see the big picture. She needs to go away a while (which would be nearly impossible), and try to find someone who will tell her like it is, even if it's something she doesn't want to hear. Our society has made a feeding frenzy out of girls like this. Brittany and Lindsey have grown up in the public eye, they know nothing else and we don't leave them alone long enough to figure life out.

lastnerve by lastnerve | LAS VEGAS, NV
Jan 03, 2011

Ok, let's look at this from not a child's point of view but as an adult looking in. First, Miley has grown up in front of a camera. The girl can go nowhere without drawing attention. Think if you were a teenager and you didn't know who you could trust and you didn't have ANY kind of privacy, how would you feel. I can see how she would rebel. Pretty much tell the world "Hey, I'm a teen and I'm going to do what teens do." Not saying EVERY teen does this by any means BUT I can see her trying to show the world "I'm not the little angel everyone makes me out to be."

c931trish by c931trish | SEMMES, AL
Jan 03, 2011

I can't even imagine the environment child stars are exposed to or grow up in compared to normal kids.They are under a microscope by the media and general public.Every little thing they do is put in a tabloid/magazine/Tv gossip show and the no privacy and stress levels are beyond what most adults could handle.At 18,my escapades would have kept the tabloids in profits for awhile honestly.Im thankful Youtube wasn't around back then.

spikeymay by spikeymay | Kent, WA
Jan 03, 2011

it's very sad to see these kids grow-up confused and misguided. Look since the time of stardom how child actors grow up. Judy Garland, Brittney Spears, Kids from 'Different Strokes', 'The Brady Bunch', etc. Never ceases to end. Kids need to grow up in the right environment to be healthy aduls, not Hollywood!

Philomena6 by Philomena6 | Tonawanda, NY
Dec 23, 2010

regardless of her being 18 or not shes still a role model and these "kids" she DOESNT want to be a role model for have made her a billionaire but thats ok now we dont have to have respect for the way we present ourselves in front of the kids whom still adore her-my daughter is 8 and adored her until she saw her with this bong picture, she threw all her stuff out and said i dont want to like someone or watch their shows if their going to do drugs-good for her i say!

1SwtWrld by 1SwtWrld | GRASONVILLE, MD
Dec 22, 2010

I think it's just another Disney Star who couldn't do anything because she was under contract for so long and didn't get to experience her young teen years and now is doing whatever she wants with her friends just like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan both Disney Stars....and was in the wrong place at the wrong time thinking these friends of hers were her true friends and wouldn't leak all these crap on the a way I feel sorry for the girl and you have to blame Billy Ray a tad for not teaching her right and wrong growing up....

josmommy by josmommy | toledo, OH
Dec 21, 2010

Yeah I see peoples concerns but does anyone in the media or anywhere remmeber what it felt like to be 18'seriously give her some room to grow up.

Starq1306 by Starq1306 | Brooklyn, NY
Dec 20, 2010

I have a daughter and I feel sad that she use to watch her on the DIsney channel and now I shield her from that. I just feel sometimes camera's are good but other times they can invade your space and destroy you. Its hard being in the spot light with other's like Lindsey Lohan giving you examples I just feel bad for them they learn the hard way.

rmills by rmills | Naples, FL
Dec 20, 2010

I think she is just an 18 year old girl doing things that her friends are doing. It just is amplified by the fact that she is a star. It has to be tough on her to have to be who she really is and then to be her Hollywood persona... I feel sad for her.

Lizzlebit by Lizzlebit | Louisville, KY
Dec 19, 2010

I think it goes both ways. On the one hand, she is fairly normal in her youth experimenting with new things--which is not to say "every 18 year old" does that, which I've read way too much of lately as I did not among most of my friends. Also, at least she chose something legal to partake in recreationally. If it really doesn't go any further, than fine. She isn't "spiraling out of control," if she goes into harder and more dangerous drugs, then, yes, she needs help. I think parents should teach their children to think for themselves and not idolize celebrities so much and try to mimic their every move. Unfortunately having your every move scrutinized is part of being a celebrity, but I really think people should mind their own business.

jenndta69 by jenndta69 | SHERMAN OAKS, CA
Dec 18, 2010

This kind of bummed me out but make no mistake, lots of teens do these things and it never turns into addiction, rehab, or worse. When I was growing up, a lot of us tried things but it was never put on YouTube, because there was nothing like that. I grew up into a very stable, and sometimes boring wife and mother, LOL. I hope she learns from her mistakes as did I and has a healthy life.

Rawanz by Rawanz | cincinnati, OH
Dec 18, 2010

Yes, Thank God I don't have a daughter that likes her!!