Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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They use white they could use bleachi On your commercial show something dark colored not white all you got to use is a little bit of bleach doesn't prove twisting the tide cold will resolve all the stains use something dark like black if you use bleach it'll show

Goforit Love the sent. It really does its job and cleans too. Price is good as well

Cold water wash I found washing with cold water cleans my whites great.

I was everything in cold water. This detergent is great! My clothes and linens get clean without any residue. Love it!

Save money Tide Cold Water makes my laundry soft and fresh, smell is nice. It has a good value for money.

Cleans and Saves me money ! The fact that I can was my clothes in cold water and still get clean clothes is amazing? Saves me money and time. I love Tide cold water. Saving energy money for sure makes Tide my number 1 friend!

Tide I love it smells so good and soft and fresh. My children even love the smell. Its definitely definetly worth the money.

It would be nice to get this tied. I love the brand every time I wash my clothes

Coldwater Combat I'd use it forever if I could! I switched to cold water to conserve resources and get more life out of my clothing. However, I was finding that normal detergent was not helping brighten or do anything for my clothes. I switched to Tide Coldwater and never went back! It's incredibly formulated for cold water to break up stains and brighten clothes like warm water usually does for bright colors. I love it and highly recommend for anyone heading in a more eco-friendly direction!

I don't have the hot water hooked u to my washing machine, so my family and I usually buy cold water detergents. This is by far our favorite! it leaves our clothes super clean, and fresh without the weird residue some detergents seem to leave on clothes!

Tide products never disappoint. Love the smell and how fresh and clean they make my laundry.

Love how efficient this is since I get to wash with cold water, while saving on my bill. Smell is so good, it's like using softener.

I really love the tide cold water it get my clothes clean and smell really good

Absolutely LOVE Tide Coldwater!! I always wash our clothes in cold water. Tide always gets our clothes clean and smells great!!

Love love LOVE Tide Cold Water clothes soap. I have a water/energy saver, side loading machine. I know with using this product that it's going to catch every stain and clean my clothes. No more worrying about missed stains or pre-treatment of a stain prior to washing it. Saving money & energy is important to me and knowing my clothes are clean & fresh is the icing on the cake.