Low-Calorie Vegetable Soup


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    20 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    35 Mins
  • Level:
Low-Calorie Vegetable Soup

Makes: 10 cups

Description: A low-calorie vegetable soup--you can get creative and economical by adding in vegetables you have around the house!

1 package  shredded cabbage (or fresh if you want to cut it up)
8 cups  water
1/2 pound/package  raw carrots
1  red pepper
1 tbsp  pepper
1 package  Lipton Onion Soup Mix
3 cubes  Chicken Broth powder
1 tsp  olive oil (if desired)
1  onion
2 sprays  PAM olive oil
1  large soup pot
2 tbsp  parsley
1 tbsp  cilantro

Instructions: Chop up all of the vegetables to desired bite size. Spray a large soup pot with olive oil. Put chopped onion and red pepper on medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes. Take the cooked pepper/onion mix out and put it on the side. Add 8 cups of water to the pot; turn on high heat. Once it boils, add in the onion soup mix and chicken broth powder. Add the cabbage and carrots. Boil for about 7 minutes on medium heat until tender. Add the cooked pepper and onion mixture into the pot. Add olive oil if desired. Cook on low heat and add the black pepper, parsley and cilantro. **Feel free to add in cayenne pepper, red pepper, or even some hot sauce to make it spicier.

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  • Author image By janettwokay
    Sep 13, 2018   Edit

    I'm crazy about Low-Calorie Vegetable Soup! The recipe is easy to prepare and the soup is delicious. Yum!

  • Author image By purviska
    Aug 29, 2018   Edit

    Healthy cold weather soup.

  • Author image By kap7113
    Jul 29, 2016   Edit

    yummy and its changeable

  • Author image By Pixiecasey
    May 03, 2015   Edit

    I love that you can add the veggies you desire and leave out the ones you don't.

  • Author image By Justmissash
    Nov 11, 2014   Edit

    Thanks for sharing this. It sounds so delicious and I can't wait to try it. I love vegetable soup. Heck I love a lot of soups. Love it more being such a healthy choice.

  • Author image By cierrabrown24
    Aug 20, 2014   Edit

    Sounds soo yummy! I would definitely use vegtable stock in place of chicken stock and maybe add some new potatoes!

  • Author image By Meganelewin
    May 12, 2014   Edit

    I love vegetable soup!

  • Author image By aamita
    Oct 20, 2013   Edit

    I'm going to try it

  • Author image By allieavamomma
    Apr 26, 2013   Edit

    This looks like a soup my mother made for us back in the day. She did not use peppers but added in some stewed tomatoes, green beans , lima beans, green beans and potatoes to it. So good!

  • Author image By llirelan11
    Oct 09, 2012   Edit

    have to try

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