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Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Toning Footwear: Fact or Fiction?

on Oct 26, 2010: I had been thinking of buying a pair of Reebok's version. They seem to be slightly nicer looking than the Sketchers, which someone already commented on as looking "orthopedic". I don't know now. I like the idea that it improves posture, but I will not be able to use them all day like others wh…

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Cheers! How to Start a Wine Tasting Group

on Jan 21, 2010: I am interested in this also. How formal/informal do you get with these? Does the hostess supply all the wine or do you ask the others to contribute?

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Pick Your Poison: Is There A Wiser Way To Drink?

on Dec 30, 2009: I think the info here is true. I am finding, especially as I get older, that certain drinks leave me with a hangover even when drank in moderation (2-3 drinks). I could drink more of another type of drink and feel fine the next day. Also, some drinks and certain wines give me migraines WHILE dr…