Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Life-changing! This was a life-saver for my skin. I have hidradentis suppurtiva and it leads to rashes and cystic-like bumps. These always help them heal up pretty well.

My feet say yayyyyy! I love adding this to my nighttime regimen and adding soft socks for bed. Smooth and soft in the morning

Helps with Keratosis Pilaris I use this to help with my keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs. It really seems to help! My legs and arms are much smoother when I use it regularly.

Helpful relief for babies and moms! I use to use destine on my daughters and powder for rashes but it made a few rash days worse ...A friend recommended me to use Aquaphor I honestly am so grateful for this product it has days of concern and stress become smoother to handle my babies felt comforted and at ease every time I used it on them . Their days would not be so interrupted with any type of rashes thanks to this product it also heals and softness skin so easy no mess. I love this product I will buy this product even if my babies are done with that stage its just such a good thing to have on hand.

Winter Wear At a certain time of year, my skin and lips decide to chap, crack, and dry out. Since my grandma told me I need to be stocked with Aquaphor Ointment, I've never been caught without it! It is a must-need for New York City winters. In a pinch, you can put some on your lips, too. I lather my hands after every wash if I'm home. Be sure your hands are completely dry before applying! Otherwise, the ointment won't stick and absorb.

Love it! I have used this product on my kids & myself. To start, it is a great product! I have used it on myself for help with healing my tattoo & I?ve used it to help when my skin gets soooo dry and it works amazingly! My daughter was born premature so her skin was always a bit more sensitive and this stuff worked wonders! It is easy on sensitive skin and really helps help any dry, itch, or irritation! Would recommend!

Great for the whole family! I love this stuff. I have 5 children, and used it on all of them , and also for my own use too. It truly is a healing lotion that does what it says, and it caused no allergies in any of us. 5 Stars from me.

Great for DRY CRACKED skin In the winter months washing my hands a billion times a day because of my exposure to people my knuckles get really dry and crack and burn. This is the only stuff that actually sooths my skin and helps my hands to heal. Other lotions really burn, even when they state they are unscented! This is a top pick for our household! We have also used this lotion to help with a rash my daughter got from wearing her wet bathing suit for hours and hours. It rubbed on her inner thighs. This helped take the stinging away.

This is great product, living in the north the winters are tough on the skin

Finally found something that helps! I have eczema in several places on my body. It bothers me ALOT! I have tried prescription medications, as well as over the counter lotions and ointments. A friend recommended this product and it helps me so much. I have recommended it to several family members for similar problems. It not only helps the itching, it reduces the inflammation and helps heal.

Lifesaver for diaper rashes For my son, this product was a lifesaver. We tried so many products for diaper rash and they just couldn't seem to keep his skin free from irritation. Then we found this healing ointment. It is very thick and a little goes a long way. By applying a thin layer at each diaper change, his diaper rash disappeared and his skin stays protected from moisture and irritation. This product can also double as a moisturizer for anywhere your baby has dry skin. It is a multi use, effective product.

My saving grace My daughter had very severe eczema as an infant. She was also allergic to almost every product we used to try and help her. This helped with her diaper rash and the eczema! It really was my saving grace I was looking for anything that would help. This was by far the best. Also did wonders for my tattoo while it was healing.

Great for my skin I have sensative dry skin and it's hard to find something that addresses those issues. This is really amazing for my sin, especially over the winter months

No vegan :( I wish this was vegan! Why does it have to contain animal byproducts in it? There are a lot of allergies and one specially deals with mammalian meat and byproducts.

This is the only lotion that protected my 97 year old mother's skin