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Ideas for a Better BBQ: New Foods to Grill

on Jun 28, 2017: Shrimp, steak, buttery corn on the cob. YUMMMMMM. I also LOVE grilling fruit and veggie skewers, i.e. peppers, onions, pineapples, mangoes, cherry tomatoes. And of course the all American cheeseburger! Happy and healthy 4th everyone!

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Our 2016 #12DaysOfSheSpeaks Holiday Giveaways Line-Up

on Dec 16, 2016: This is just great! :D Happy Holidays everyone!

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How To Survive the Holidays in 3 Easy Steps. Plus, a Giveaway to Help Pay Your #HolidayBills!

on Nov 16, 2016: As soon as Halloween is over (November 1st hahaha!) I begin the holiday season. I start off by listening to holiday tunes. It drives my family mad but they still love me! I'm just in a jovial spirit overall during this time of year and I try to spread the cheer, to family and friends. The holi…