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  • Jnd42611 By  Jnd42611    

    Pearl perfect

    Discreet, fits right in your pocket and gives the right amount of protection needed.

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  • PrettyBabygirl By  PrettyBabygirl    

    Perfect tampon for anytime!

    Tampax is my favorite brand of tampons. The pocket pearl especially is very near and dear to my heart. It's small and discreet, able to fit into your pocket and with the pull out applicator, comfortable to use. Its great to keep as a "just in case" since it doesn't take too much space.

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  • saersaid By  saersaid    

    Great tampon - Cranky Applicator

    When it comes to the absorbency for a regular flow this tampon works stellar , however the applicator is chronically unreliable. Most times it got stuck and wouldn't push the tampon in resulting in having to try with a second tampon and applicator. If you are in a bind this would be a major inconvenience. I am a big fan of tampax products and a lifelong user of their regular applicator tampons, but the pocket applicators really need some work to make them reliably function. Personally i wouldnt use the pocket version again until a fix is made. (FYI - I was sent a free pack of tampax pocket pearl regular tampons from SheSpeaks! )

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  • RavenSlack By  RavenSlack    


    this is the only tampon i use , i love it because its so small and easy to use and can just throw it in your purse or pocket for on the go

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  • aduvall01 By  aduvall01    

    perfect and discreete

    These tampons fit nicely and discretely into your purse, pocket etc and even though they are small they offer the protection and security you expect from the brand.

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  • gracie1968 By  gracie1968     SheSpeaks Tester

    Newest Bestie for that Time Of the Month Besides Chocolate!

    I received the Tampax pocket size as a free product to review them and give my opinion. When I first received the tampons I was worried about the size, but I liked the size, because the size was poket size, I was afraid I am going to have break through bleeding! It seems like the older I get the heavier my periods seem to be getting. Well there is power in the pocket size! I am truly impressed! You get a lot of coverage I guess you would say for the size. The tampax size worked as well as the full size for me. They inserted with ease and were comfortable to wear. I would defiantly recommend these to family and friends and already have. As my daughter said these are my newest bestie for that time of the month besides chocolate!

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  • Mbasmagi1 By  Mbasmagi1     SheSpeaks Tester

    I had a great experience with this product, they are extremely comfortable and absorbent. The tampon?s size is also perfect for taking along everywhere, it is also a MAJOR plus that it is very affordable. Would definitely recommend this to any woman.

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  • mistery120 By  mistery120    


    Excellent product. I received a free sample from shespeaks and I was very impressed. PROS: Easy to use and very convenient. Protection is the same as the other regular tampax tampons. The wrapping material is great - it didn't get worn out from being in my purse for a few days. I always just like how small it is but I still get the same protection. CONS: None. I'm hoping that they will make a pocket size with the same wrapping as the radiant line. Since the applicator can't be flushed, the radiant wrapping should be extended to all tampax lines.

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  • Loveisintheair By  Loveisintheair     SheSpeaks Tester

    Finally a review worth writing

    I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. Will never purchase any other tampons but these! Super comfortable. No leakage! Cute packaging. need I say more!

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  • lisayoon By  lisayoon     SheSpeaks Tester

    nice tampon :)

    *i received a free sample of tampax to try from shespeaks and the following are my own opinions.* i thought the packaging was super fun and inviting, especially for younger girls! they were nice being compact and discreet to stash a few in a purse! they actually worked just as well as my regular brand except on my super heavy day but that was expected. definitely would recommend these to a friend or family member! :)

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  • Jbrimer91 By  Jbrimer91     SheSpeaks Tester


    I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. about the product. I didn't just receive a sample, i received a full BOX of Tampax and they worked amazing! i've used other tampons before but these are discreet and i really like that. I also had no leaks while using this product.

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  • Msaetung By  Msaetung     SheSpeaks Tester

    The perfect tampon!

    I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. I really love the fit and comfort that these tampons provide. They're easy to use and the perfect size to fit in a wristlet for when you're out and in your pocket for when you just want to hide the embarrassment of being on your period. I really like the concept of these tampons and the soft plastic applicator. It also helps that the packaging of each individual tampon is beyond cute. Overall, it's a great product for easy-use, convince, and comfort. What more can you ask for? It's by far one of the best tampons I've ever used!

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  • Srose2357 By  Srose2357    

    One of my go to tampons

    I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. I really liked these tampons, but the applicator is a little tricky. The convenience of them being compact is amazing and the absorbency was amazing. I would say that these are one of my top two go to tampons now. The applicator is not impossible its not even hard just the slightest but tricky. Also the packaging is adorable and I appreciate that.

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  • chassidy07 By  chassidy07     SheSpeaks Tester

    I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions. I found these tampons easy to use, they're very comfortable. I like how they're small and discreet!

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  • cduran01 By  cduran01     SheSpeaks Tester

    Not For Me

    I received this product as a complimentary item in exchange for my opinion. My opinion of this item is not very high. The tampon was not extremely comfortable once in use, and the leakage protection was subpar. I will definitely not buy these in the future; I will stick to the product I normally buy.

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