HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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Yeah the whole vampire thing is getting to be a little too much but I still love True Blood! The books are great..the show is awesome though there are differences but I don't really mind.I'm getting HBO just so I can watch season 3! Really excited to see what Alcide looks like!

This show is really good. I have started to read the books and like those too! I think the show is realtively well cast. The theme song by Jace Everett is awesome as is the rest of his music. Alexander Skarsgaard as Eric....perfect as is Stephen Moyer as Bill. They are both very good actors who have come into their own with this show and I cannot wait to see what comes next for the show and these guys!

This is a must see show.

I love the show and the books and I think they're different enough and yet a good match. I completely dissagree with those who said the acting was bad. I thought the acting was really good and the characters are an awesome match. To be fair, I saw the show before I started reading the books, but I find both pleasing.

Love this show it'snot like twlight at all it's dark and has way better story lines.

love love love it. haven't read the books but love the show

i really love this show. Season One was GREAT. Season two is very good - I do feel that it is a lot more blood/gore this season, and has veered away from the books a lot more - but it still draws me back every week. I wouldn't mind a vampire Bill for

I'm addicted!!! I'm already wondering what i will do til season 3 comes out!!!

I love true blood - it's getting good. too bad I'll have to wait til next year for new episodes. My favorite character is lafayette!

Love that show, I never miss it ever!


can't get hbo

So, True blood. The basic adult, adult version of some-what TWILIGHT. I'm obsessed with Twilight so when this series came on I did not think it would be any good because lately when they come out with new series they''ve been kind of BLAH! Not this show... This show is exciting and keeps your eyes glued to the tv or atleast it does me. That would be the Pro's: Enjoyable to watch/Glues you to the tv The Cons: It is a mature show not for those under 18 atleast that's what I think. It only comes on once a week and they run re-runs making you think there new episodes.

I love this show! It took me about two episodes to really get into it, and now i'm hooked. i highly recommend it.

love this show, well written and not quite as dumbdowned as many network shows -- always left wanting more at the end of an episode!