HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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For my husband and I, this has become "Our" show. Probably the only one we both love. Can't miss an episode.

can't get hbo

Never seen this show.

Started great but After a few a seasons the show crashed and got away from the books and then it got really fell flat 6 ft in the ground

Hot mess Not recommended for me I hated it too sexual too violent

I think the acting is horrible, almost kitsch. However, having said that. I will continue to watch it and think of it as a comedy.

This show is awful. I watched the first few seasons; the first was great, the second was alright, the third became outright ridiculous, and I had to stop a few episodes into the fourth. Once the show started to stray more and more from the books, it seemed as if the writers were going for outrageous and controversial over content and actual entertainment. It's a shame because there are plenty of great actors, and the original storyline from the books could be a great basis for a TV show, but now it's only a shadow of what the series could have been.

If you are a fan of vampire stories, you'll LOVE this show...I think the story is fantastic,the actors are great, minus bloody cruel scenes...this show runs on HBO, you would never want to watch it if kids are around you....

I really enjoy the show but as the seasons have progressed, there is a bit too much hocus pocus for my taste. I know, I mean, if there are vampires and shape shifters then why not weird goat ladies, werewolves, fairies who turn into weird looking trolls, and witches exist? It just takes it in way too many directions. Still, I watch it and find myself eager for the next episode.

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. Sookie annoys me, I wish it were scarier, there are many things I would change, but it's the best vampire show on right now, so I deal with the things I don't like.


This show used to be great but the last few seasons sucked. Hoping the finale makes up for the last few seasons.

This show is a little bit odd. I think I just watched it because everyone else did. I could go without it.

It was very interesting t.v. Show right up until the end. Was very unhappy with the ending.

I like it, i got hooked very easily, my luck was that i discover the show after season 4, and one of my friends have the dvds, so i watched almost the entire show straight 🙈