Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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love how thick they are!

Huggies wipes are my No.1 Choice. They are thick and I dont have to worry about my hand slipping through when i am cleaning my baby. I love the Sheabutter scent.

Love huggies just a little pricey i Do know a few people who use them they are good quality not a good quantity and they are a bit pricey

I absolutely love these wipes! When I was pregnant I woulf purchase a pack of wipes each time I went to Wal-Mart. Being pregnant for 9 months I purchased tons of wipes from Walmarts brand Equate, Parents Choice, Luvs, to Pampers and more. While using all of these wipes I experienced thin wipes, dry wipes, smelly wipes, and paper like wipes! Huggies Natural Care wins by far!. I purchase my wipes at Sam's Club and get a great deal. I get about 700 wipes for $14. I am a dedicated customer and recommend these wipes to moms all over!

I use Pampers diapers, I quickly found out that pampers wipes were crap! so I tried Huggies wipes and I absolutely love them! They are thick enough to where I'm not feeling like I'm wiping my daughter with my own hand! Will never go to any other Wipes after trying these!!

Of all the diaper wipes on the market these are the best! They are thick like a cloth, smell great and are not dripping wet like some wipes. I love these wipes!

LOVE THESE WIPES! they work so much better then pampers, there much thicker and hold up way better. And they smell wonderful!

These are great wipes. They are thick and do a wonderful job cleaning up after little messes. I like that they come in several different scents and sizes. I enjoy buying the small packs with the cute designs to trow into the diaper bag.

The cucumber and aloe ones smell nice

These are some of my favorite wipes. I like how strong yet soft they are. Love them!

Huggies is one of the only diapers that dont give my daughter a rash. I love them.

I LOVE Huggies natural care baby wipes. I use to buy whatever was cheapest and was fine until a friend gave me a package and now I won't buy anything else! They are soft and gentle, yet strong and durable, plus they smell great! And really for the quality they are resonably priced.

Love these wipes! Almost as effective as a wash cloth! No harsh chemicals or perfumes so I don't have to worry about my twins having any kind of skin irritation.

i've tried just about every baby wipe and these are amazing, easiest clean up ever. the scents are nice and not too overpowering.

Ok.. can I be IN LOVE with a baby wipe??? ummm YES I CAN!! I LOVE Huggies wipes.. they are the BEST!! The ridges are perfect and they clean with 1 or 2 wipes! These wipes get into every tiny crevice in the hands..handle the messiest poops and are just amazing! I wish they came in bulk single packs instead of refill packs in the bulk boxes but i can deal! I am a LOYAL Huggies wipes user.. these have never failed me! Highly recommend these wipes for everything! I even use them to clean my furniture!