Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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I bought the Huggies Natural Care Baby wipes because I had coupons and was sorely disappointed. I have used Pampers wipes as well as Target -brand Up & Up wipes in the past and have been really pleased with them. Those wipes are more "cloth-like" while the Huggies wipes was like using wet contruction paper to wipe my baby's bottom. Also, my 4 month old developed a diaper rash after 2 days of using the wipes. I stopped using the wipes and switched back to using the Up&Up brand and her diaper rash went away. (I should mention that my 4 month old has rarely had a diaper rash, so I know they were from using this product. )

I DID not like this wipes because they get dry very easy and you can't clean your baby well. Tough wipes for me and I do not recommend it and very expensive. I like huggies diapers not wipes.

These are a MAJOR no go for my baby she instantly started to scream in pain she got chemically burned ( not so natural) I won't use them on her ever again..

I tried these but I disliked how they held up. They were too thing. They were moist but very thin and would tear when I tried taking them out of the bag.

I love buggie products I just don't like this one. This wipes seriously smell like hair dye! I hate the smell of them. I love the tea and cucumber one, I always buy those! You guys should not sell this one and make new ones that have a better scent! To be honest I shop at target or Walmart and u always see this wipes like if they don't sell. U always see the tea and cucumber sell out! All I got to say is stop selling this one it smell nasty! Make new ones with a great scent.

Huggies wipes give my son a horrible rash! I thought maybe it was his newborn sensitive skin, but my husband picked up a case instead of our usual pampers and after two uses in one day our son had the rash again! I will never buy them again and I don't recommend them at all!

They are paper like and tear easily.

These wipes would crumble, leaving little white fuzzies all over my little one's bum. Think, Charmin bear.

I do not like the texture or thickness of the Huggies brand wipes. Also, I don't feel like they are as moist as I would like a wipe to be. I even have a hard time getting them to separate from each other when trying to remove one from the wipes box. For this reason, I only ever used Pampers or Target brand wipes with my two children!

I love Huggins but not the natural care. I like the one and done!

These wipes were a little to soapy feeling for my liking.

Found that these wipes always seemed to break apart. Not what you want when changing a messy diaper!

Not soft I was not a huge fan of buggies wipes and neither is my husband. We feel as if they are too thick and rough like. They do clean the messes well however we just feel like they seem kind of rough

No thanks Honestly I love huggies diapers but im not a fan of these wipes. They are super hard and seem uncomfortable for all 3 of my kids. They're lacking softness

Wipes are good, wish the packaging was better, like to have the ones that have the plastic resealable toys for diaper bags