Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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Eh, it's ok. (I don't really love or hate the taste.) I think the fact that they seem to help me not catch colds is worth the not-so-amazing taste. I'd at least give it a try if you're thinking about buying some.

My kids were not impressed with the taste at all..nor the aftertaste. It did give them a little more jump in their step though.

I LOVE Emergen-C and have used it for about 10 years. During that time, I have only contracted one cold. I used the Bone Health Emergen-C after dental surgery, as I had to have bone transplants as I prepare for dental implants. My dentist stated the transplants were taking nearly twice as fast as he expected and he was shocked at how quickly I healed. I also drink Bone Health Emergen-C daily to help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. For me, this product has been life-altering and I couldn't live without it!

i like it...when it is added to juice or something with flavor...i love the effect...

My daughter hated it. I was chalky and she struggled with the taste to get it down. We decided that it was easier to give her Flintstone vitamins rather than fight with her to drink this.

I have to agree, the taste was terrible.

My 3 year old son loves them. He asks if he can have more. But I would prefer to be able to have a half packet size that is perfect for his age range. Otherwise it's difficult to split up and make sure it is correct.

Not something I would buy!

We tried it and didn't like the smell nor the taste. My kids didn't want to drink it after they smelled it but I tried it and convinced them to try it also. It tasted as bad as it smelled. I gave my coupons away so they wouldn't go to waste.

I tried this after seeing the commercials. WORST. TASTE. EVER! They should make vitamin drinks actually taste good so people will buy them! Waste of my $. I threw straight into the bin.

I kind of like the taste of Emergen-C Pink. It's pretty effective when you want to rehydrate after exercising.

I like it! I don't think it tastes that bad! I take it all the time when I get a cold. Somehow it makes me feel alot better.

I agree this tastes nasty. I really wanted to drink it for the Vitamins but YUCK! At least I got it free plus a coupon I'll never use.

The taste was horrible. Neither my child nor I could bring ourselves to swallow any of the flavors. I gave the remaining packets and coupons to a neighbor. They didn't like the taste either.

This product was not made with kids in mind so I don't understand why everyone is feeding it to their kids. It was meant to give you a boost on days you are feeling kinda blah. It is the LAST think I would ever give my son... he needs energy like KFC needs more Chicken! We tried this when we went on a cruise a while back. The Cruise ship provided samples in each room so we had a few to try of orange and cranberry. I didn't like Cranberry at all but the orange was tolerable. I will have to admit I had a lot more energy after I used the product! I don't know if I would pay the price they want for it though.