Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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If I could have gotten my kids past the first couple of sips, maybe it would have had a chance. I couldn't get them to drink any of the flavors! They said it was bland at first, then it left a horrible aftertaste. I made them try all 3 flavors, and I got the same reaction with each. Thanks, but I think I'll stick to regular chewables!

The taste was horrible. Neither my child nor I could bring ourselves to swallow any of the flavors. I gave the remaining packets and coupons to a neighbor. They didn't like the taste either.

Same here. I was initially excited to offer the kids a drink, especially a fizzy one, that would provide so many vitamins. However, the first few swallows pretty much ruined the excitement. The boys each tried one flavor and I tried one, but none of them were any good. They seemed weak, and not very sweet. We'll be sticking with our Gummi Vites.

I agree, it was difficult to get my 12 yr to swallow it. There is not to much flavor on any of them. It was much better when i mixed it with another powder drink. It is a good idea but it needs something to enhance the flavour

I would have to agree, my 12 year old and I really didn't like it very much either. The idea is great and it looks like it would really be wonderful but the taste ended up flat. I think the "weak and not very sweet" is perfect to explain why we don't like it. I tried all different water levels too and that didn't seem to work much either. All in all a good idea though.

My son actually liked the one flavor he tried (orange-pineapple), but he said it made him burp, and he didn't want to try any more.

my kid didnt like it at all. Wouldn't even try any of the other flavors after the first sip.

My children were soooo excited to try this when we first got it. I made one for each of them. The youngest one wouldn't drink more than a sip. The middle one did finish the first one, but would not drink another one when offered the next day. My oldest drank 2 or 3 of them. He said he didn't like them much, but wanted to drink them because I have the adult ones. Yuck to the kids kind.

I was very excited about trying this. The taste was horrible. It is a great idea but they have to do better to get kids to drink it.

my children took one sip and that was it.They said it was aweful.So I tired it and I completely agree these were the worst vitamins.They did not taste like the flavor they were suppose to be.will definetly not be buying these.

I tried this after seeing the commercials. WORST. TASTE. EVER! They should make vitamin drinks actually taste good so people will buy them! Waste of my $. I threw straight into the bin.

We tried it and didn't like the smell nor the taste. My kids didn't want to drink it after they smelled it but I tried it and convinced them to try it also. It tasted as bad as it smelled. I gave my coupons away so they wouldn't go to waste.

Not something I would buy!

I have to agree, the taste was terrible.

My daughter hated it. I was chalky and she struggled with the taste to get it down. We decided that it was easier to give her Flintstone vitamins rather than fight with her to drink this.