Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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Fantastic, very strong yet gentle. don't have to use a ton of them to get the baby clean.

I use only these wipes, they are thick and my children never break out from them ever! Other wipes are thin and cause breakouts. My hubby will only use Huggies wipes for cleaning poop, they are the right thickness! LADIES!!! They also work well for makeup removal! Non - harsh but get even the toughest eye makeup off! I will buy these even after I am done with babies!

I do not have kids, but I use baby wipes for everything! Taking my make up off, cleaning up the table when my loving boyfriend makes a mess. They are thick, they do not rip. And smell great!

The best!! They are strong, do not rip, and have a light scent. My two year old and my one year old have very sensitive skin and these wipes have never irritated their skin. I buy these in bulk!

Love this wipes . Huggies is a great brand for diapers and wipes for your little one.

these diapers are the best diapers they are very thick the uriane lot of here in the it doesn't leak out the sides really the best I've ever used.....

Best wipes ever! My kiddos have very sensitive skin and these never caused an irritation. They are also thicker than wipes I have tried.

I really like these wipes. I use them for everything. They are really strong and soft.

We will only use this brand and type. We tried quite a few in the beginning and stayed with these for 2.5 years. It was awesome to be able to buy them in bulk, in tubs, or in packages.

i love huggies!! only use huggies with my kids and future kids dont prefer to use any other brand wipes or diapers!

I love huggies brand in general, but with these wipes they are the perfect thickness, size is great for coverage, they are not to wet, and they do not irritate my daughters bottom! I will only use these wipes! Plus you can always find coupons for them!

I love huggies wipes! these are especially gentle on skin.

I love Huggies . I used them to freshen up from time to time . They are really soft and gentle on the skin.

Great product love the green tea cucumber wipes

These are my favorite wipes and the only ones I use. I love the thickness and the scent