Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

              Rated #16 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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Great razor, but the refills are very expensive

It does the job-- but I would not say it is great. I like Venus Vibrance more

This product is very helpful! Makes your legs shiny with a natural glow! They remain smoother for a longer time than average razors!

I own several of these razors and they work great I like the fact they leave your skin feeling soft and they also smell good to. These are one of the brands I buy and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has sensitive skin etc and looking for a good razor!

I thought that this razor worked really good for the first one or two times and then it started getting dull. I also noticed that the upper gel part started breaking and falling off after only a few uses. I was a little bummed at the results with the product. :(

Its a good razor for the first or second use but then it becomes dull very quickly. I also did not like how the gel part started to fall apart. Big chucks fell off or would break in half while shaving.

I love the built in shave gel, it smells good and it has a nice handle. However, I don't believe I received a very close shave and the razor went dull rather quickly.

I love these but can't afford them. In my opinion I think that they are the best razors out there. I recommend them to anyone who has the money to spend.

Good razor just doesn't last very long.

I wasn't too crazy about this razor. It's a great idea, but I didn't get a close shave and overall the razor didn't last long. I now prefer the Venus embrace razors.

I like Gillette Venus products. However, I find that this particular version leaves my legs a little bit sticky after shaving. Other than that, this product is great!

Prefer the 5 blade with disposable cartridges.

I really like this razor the only compliant is that the blade wears out quickly.

Works good but I am not a fan of the gel razor.

Works good as a razor. But the gel keeps it from being used multiple times.