Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

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I think this is the worst razor I've ever used and bar far the most expensive. The shave gel bars create a sloppy goop that make the razor slippery and I finish with more cuts and blood than when I first started shaving my legs! Horrible.

I HATE this razor! The moisturizing/shave gel strip falls off after just a couple of uses. You have to press a little harder to use it because the shave gel bars stick out. I don't know about you but pushing while shaving means bleeding shin bones for me!

I don't really like this razor. I can never get a very close shave at all with it. Not even close to being worth the price.

The Venus razors cause my sensitive skin to break out. They work just fine for my niece though.

I assume this must be used in the tub or shower since the razor fills with water. Cut myself three times . Awkward to hold.

definitely not one of my favorites. prefer the venus with refillable cartridges. these go dull way to quick

I like another member got a trial one and agree that its not worth it. I was shocked coming from Venus that it was so terrible. I got razor burn like you wouldn't believe and I haven't had that in many years. I prefer the 5 blafes anyway.

Venus use to be my go to product. I have found that although they are expensive they are not worth the price

Not worth the money. The razor does leave skin shaved but is very rough to the touch, for me. My armpits had so much razor burn and my legs were sore from the razor.

I used and I didn't like it. My legs felt so terrible after shaving and irritated.

I did not care for this razor. It worked okay the first couple of shaves but after that it went downhill. I think maybe because of the number of blades it is just not as smooth of a shave compared to the embrace that has more blades.

I love venus products and think these razors were a good idea but they are just tooo big. It's difficult to get a good shave under the arms and around the knees and ankles. Anyway to get the same technology in a smaller razor head??

I wasn't a fan. My legs really took a beating with this product. I usually love Venus products but it just didn't work with me. I have sensitive skin so I need LOTS of lather and it just did not do the trick. Not getting this again.

This razor just didn't do well for me .

Not my favorite disposable razor! I found it didn't do the trick esp for the other wonderful razors that this brand puts out! I am glad I only purchased a trial one.. and I know my underarms thank me too