Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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This milk brand made my LO horribly constipated. My pediatrician said it was the worst as through her experience that this milk powder brand of for causing children constipation - of course she also do mention it doesn't cause in all kid Then after dicuss with my husband, we switched to Mamil Dumex and after using it back for 2 week it was just surprise and she have no problems on constipation at all. Mamil Dumex sorted out the constipation pretty quickly and I also found that my LO stool also getting smooth

My son was switched to Enfagrow this formula milk because apparently his stomach couldn't handle the formula until we sent him to GP and they put him on while in the hospital. Somehow every night was the same thing he was scream for about an hour. As soon as I switched him to other milk powder brand - Mamil Dumex were no more problems. Even you can see the stool getting much more improvement after shifting back to Mamil Brand.

My son won't touch it. Maybe he's too use to regular cows milk. I passed the rest of mine on to my cousin to let her daughter try it. I also gave her my coupons too.

Where to start? I let my 2 yr old try it she was ok with the regular and liked the vanilla more. We used it cold. I am giving two stars because it is convenient. I let my 4 yr old try it to get a better idea of what a child thinks of it. She HATED it said it tasted like baby milk. After smelling this I realized she was absolutely right I smelled just like baby formula. It is extremely expensive in the ready to use containers. We will not be a consumer of this product.

My son doesnt like this at all....he spits it out! I will be buying the vanilla one, but this one is not for us!

My 5 year old son dislikes this product - he took one sip, handed it back and asked me if it went bad. My 2year old daughter took a couple sips and left it - she is NOT a picky eater and usually eats/drinks anything in reach - not so with this product. They both have drank milk-based drinks such as Pediasure, Boost, Horizon, etc and had no complaints. Not sure what the issue is with this particular brand. One thing I personally noticed was the strong "formula" smell. I also tasted the drink and found I disliked it as well. On a positive note, I do like the nutritional value offered which would be extremely beneficial when traveling with children. I would still recommend this product to friends and have actually given my coupons away to them. Their children are weaning off formula and I think perhaps their children may like it better.

My son and daughter didn't enjoy the taste of either kind. They would drink a little, look at their cup, drink a little more, and then throw the cup down. They prefer regular milk.

My 14 month old just will not drink it. She takes 1 sip and throws it. I guess she just doesn't like the taste and prefers milk.

I gave this to my 3 year old daughter who has been drinking milk for quite a while now and she didn't like it. She would ask for one but every time I gave her one she would take a few sips and leave it full. I like the idea but it's very expensive for me to buy and her to waste. Milk is a lot cheaper and she drinks it.

My 3 year old son didn't like it at all. Perhaps he's been off formula-type drinks for so long that the taste wasn't good to him. I do love the convenience packs that come with straws for easy transitioning from bottle to boxes/straws. Would be great for on the go that doesn't require immediate refridgeration.

My daughter did not drink this. We have not tried the vanilla flavor yet but she took a big mouthful and then spit it all out and refused it. Perhaps if we put it in a bottle to disquise it at milk but that will be a lot of effort. My daughter is 19 months and has been drinking milk since 12 months so perhaps she no longer likes or remembers the taste of formula.

gave this to my 3 yr old daughter, when she first tasted it, she spit it out, i put it in a cup, she threw the cup and told me no. so i got clever and added some chocolate milk mix to it and a little bit of regular milk, and she doesnt know the difference. i even tasted it, it didnt taste too bad. not sure why my 3 yr old doesnt like it. she wont drink it on its own even though it has a straw, but if i mix it with regular milk or chocolate milk mix she will drink it.

My 3 year old son (who usually drinks anything you give him) doesn't like it and will not drink it. My 4 year old daughter will drink it, but doesn't chug it like she normally does with her beverages. So, as far as my family goes this is one product that wont be bought.

My daughter did like the vanilla flavor one but would not drink this kind for anything in the world. We tried giving it to her cold and at room temperature, I also added some Hershey's syrup it was definitely a No Go. I just couldn't get her to drink this.

My girls did not like the vanilla but would tolerate the milk flavored one. I think I will stick to milk, which they LOVE. I know the product is very nutritional, but if kids wont drink it the nutritional value doesnt really matter.