Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My 10 years old son still something drink Enfamil infant lol

My son was switched to Enfagrow this formula milk because apparently his stomach couldn't handle the formula until we sent him to GP and they put him on while in the hospital. Somehow every night was the same thing he was scream for about an hour. As soon as I switched him to other milk powder brand - Mamil Dumex were no more problems. Even you can see the stool getting much more improvement after shifting back to Mamil Brand.

This milk brand made my LO horribly constipated. My pediatrician said it was the worst as through her experience that this milk powder brand of for causing children constipation - of course she also do mention it doesn't cause in all kid Then after dicuss with my husband, we switched to Mamil Dumex and after using it back for 2 week it was just surprise and she have no problems on constipation at all. Mamil Dumex sorted out the constipation pretty quickly and I also found that my LO stool also getting smooth

My daughter used to love this toddler formula! The vanilla is her favorite

My son was low on iron,could give much milk because of that but I have found really helpful tho milk in case that it I fortified,it has the amount of iron needed for my son.. It tastes good too. Can't complain... .

My son really liked the vanilla Enfagrow and I loved that I could take them anywhere on the go and at home, he could just grab one from the fridge when he wanted. I transitioned from formula to regular milk with these and I will do the same with my daughter. I believe they need the extra nutrients before switching to milk.

Looks like it would something healthy to give to my niece and nephew, will look into it.

My toddler preferred the original flavor over the vanilla and for added enjoyment some chocolate syrup was introduced. Thank you she speaks for the free product and Enfamil for yet another great product. It's nice to have a product that continues to provide the vitamins and nutrients our children need as they continue into their adolescent years.

I tried these on my son and he loved them at first and then I guess he got tired of the flavor. the only way he would drink it after about a month was with a little bit of chocolate in it. I loved the fact that these where really good for him since he was and is still nursing and we can take them to church for him to drink.

My two year old refuses to drink milk but will drink the vanilla flavored Enfagrow. It's the best thing I have found to get the DHA into his sippy cup!

At 12 months my baby girl started on whole milk after being on enfamil infant. She could not digest the regular milk so I had to switch her back to formula and tried the toddler transitions instead of the infant formula. Her stomach got better but she became more agitated and difficult to unwind for nap time. Since she gets fruit with her meals I felt the added corn syrup in the toddler formula added up to way too much sugar in her diet and she was having a sugar crash by the afternoon. I switched her back to the infant formula and will slowly try to introduce whole milk again. The only benefit with the toddler formula is extra calcium but my baby gets yogurt and cheese each day so I'm sure she gets enough anyhow. Enfamil need to lower the sugar content of the toddler formula, I cannot recommend this products as it is.

at first i tought my on wasnt going to like it! but he did no problems!

Really good

My 1 year old son loved it, as did my 4 year old twin daughters.

These are great to throw in the diaper bag and go. I am always buying ready to drink items for my kids on the go and these are great. I like that I have more than just juice drinks to choose from/